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Mexican Consulate

In 2001, the government of Mexico decided to open this representation to meet the demand for consular services due to the increase of the Mexican population in a constituency which covers the state of Nevada with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, and monthly calls to other mobile consulates population concentrations as Reno, Carson City and Winnemucca in the north of this entity. Visit the Mexican Consulate website.

Mexican Consulate Virtual Library

Parents and students may obtain free textbooks from the Mexican Consulate. These are excellent textbooks that are used in public schools in Mexico. The books are free. Learn more.

The Delta Academy

The Delta Academy provides a safe and nurturing instructional environment in which students from various backgrounds expand their knowledge base to fulfill academic and personal goals through differentiated instruction and reinforcement of positive character traits. Learn more.

The Steps to Stomping Out Bullying

Bullying in 2011 has expanded from the face-to-face type to cyber-bullying where the bully may not be seen or even known. The intensity of bullying has been linked to teen suicides, has influenced youths’ perceptions of self-esteem, and has fostered lower attendance rates at schools.
The Steps to Stomping Out Bullying (PDF) (144.6 KB)

Clark County School District

The main site for the Clark County School District. Get zoning information, maps, accountability reports, information on the Growth Model, and more. Learn more.

Report Bullying in the Clark County School District

Easily report a bullying incident at any CCSD location. Learn more.

The Lincy Institute

The Lincy Institute at UNLV conducts and supports research that focuses on improving Nevada’s health, education, and social services. Learn more.

Department of Adult Education, CCSD

Register for Adult Education, complete a HSE, get help with proficiency exams. Learn more.

Three Square Food Bank

55% of children in the Clark County School District are enrolled in free and reduced-price meal programs based on their family income. That’s over 170,000 kids facing hunger at home and coming to school unprepared to learn. Find out how to help, or how to get help. Learn more.

Affordable Colleges Online

Obtaining a college education is no easy task, but for students with visual disabilities, the path to completing a degree program is lined with unique challenges and barriers. The following guide explores how visual impairments impact the educational experience, what colleges are doing for the visually impaired, and includes numerous resources, as well insight and tips from experts and a list of scholarships and grants. Learn more.

Flip the Script
Kids bully for all kinds of reasons. None of them are good. Know your kid's friends and monitor their social networking.

Locker Room Video
Locker Room with discussion questions for the classroom (video).

Slumber Party Video
Slumber Party with discussion question for the classroom (video).