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Silver Legacy Society

The Vegas PBS Silver Legacy Society is an organization designed to recognize and honor those individuals who have included Vegas PBS in their estate plans. Individuals who have completed planned gifts will also become members of this society.

We kindly request formal confirmation of your gift (often a photocopy of relevant language or documents will suffice). Vegas PBS will respect requests for confidentiality.


In addition to being recognized on a perpetual display in the Vegas PBS Educational Technology Campus lobby, all Silver Legacy Society members receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • Special Vegas PBS memento
  • Invitation to program previews and special studio productions
  • Complimentary tickets to Vegas PBS-sponsored and promoted concert, performance, or museum event each year
  • Invitation to annual recognition event
  • Lunch and tour of the Vegas PBS Educational Technology Campus with Vegas PBS President Mary Mazur
  • Opportunity to record personal testimony to encourage generosity by others
  • Use of Vegas PBS's conference rooms for a non-profit or business function, subject to availability and insurance

For more information on making a planned gift to Vegas PBS, please contact Jim Ludwig at or 702.799.1010 x5361.

Contact Us

Jim Ludwig | Major Gifts Officer

Jim Ludwig
Major Gifts Officer
702.799.1010 x5361

Rita Asfour: A Restrospective

Vegas PBS  - September Special Offer

Rita Asfour: A Restrospective

Rita Asfour’s elegant impressionist paintings are available for purchase and 55% of all proceeds will support Vegas PBS. 

Silver Legacy Society Members


  • Robert George Adams

  • Paul Floyd Aimen*

  • Janice Allen

  • Mahomed and Annelene Amirana

  • Don and Madeleine Andress

  • Ruby Ashton*

  • Larry Bacon

  • John and Shelley Banner

  • Christine K. and William E. Barrett

  • Sylvia and Neil Beller

  • Leonard and Irene Berekson Foundation *

  • Larry and Shirley Blake

  • Audrey Bloom

  • Allison Bonanno

  • Phyllis J. Bowers*

  • Alisa Brachelli Mantione

  • Elizabeth Brierley*

  • Charles and Debbie Catania

  • Edith F. Cathey

  • Mary Clyburn

  • Wallace W Coburn*

  • Winsor Cooper III and David Murie, Husbands

  • Franklin Curhan

  • Paula Ann Degner

  • Charles W. Carter* and Carolyn Edwards

  • The Edwards Trust*

  • Charles Elder

  • Alberta Ellis

  • Patricia Erfort

  • John R. Flannigan Trust*

  • Shawn and Gail Florian

  • Thomas Foskaris

  • Martin Frewin

  • Alma Fulford

  • Gambarana Trust*

  • John M. Glenn Revocable Trust*

  • Martin A. Gold

  • Sara Goldberger

  • Steven M. Goldman*

  • Mary Palevsky and Joseph N. Granados

  • Jeff and Cristina Grandy

  • Janice Greenberg

  • Edward T. Grigonis

  • Robert J. Hartman/ Eugene W. Kanning Trust*

  • Larry and Iris Hattersley

  • Karen R. Havens

  • Larry and Thanh Hellbaum*

  • Sandi Herrera

  • Bernice Hilton*

  • Ronald F. Hook Trust*

  • The Huston Family Trust

  • Ellen D. Jackson

  • Bruce L. Janoff

  • George Adam Kasprzak*

  • Mary Keeler

  • Susan Kent

  • Richard and Rosalina King*

  • Robert E. King

  • Irwin Kishner Foundation*

  • Klinkner Family Trust

  • Michael and Janet Klion

  • Dale J. Kloka

  • Ms. Karen Korsnes

  • Bette LaCombe

  • Robert Lee Living Trust*

  • Bob Linden

  • Ladoyt R. Little and Laverne Little Trust*

  • LRW Fund for Public Television*

  • Jim and Debbie Ludwig

  • Jack A. Mabry

  • Sandra MacKenna Trust

  • Maxine Mansor

  • Susan Marks

  • Marydean Martin and Charlie Silvestri

  • Lorraine Martineau*

  • Maurice L. and Mary S. Marxen*

  • Tim and Fran Matthews

  • Barbara Maulucci

  • Louis S. McCalla*

  • Connie M. Melcher

  • Marilyn C. Mills*

  • Alma Lee Miracle*

  • Dr. Roland and Desiree Miyada

  • Arlyn Mobley*

  • Jean Moneymaker

  • Lea Mor-Ackerman

  • The NEB Trust*

  • Marian Nielsen*

  • Lila Ong

  • Helene Orenstein

  • Joan Owen Smits, Ph.D.

  • The Parry Family Trust

  • Joyce Patterson-Rogers

  • Susan Peroutka

  • Richard and Pamela Pierson

  • People Who Care About Democracy

  • Jack C. Pleyte II*

  • Richard Powell

  • James Redman*

  • Jerry Ritholz-Jarvis*

  • C. Kitty Rodman Living Trust*

  • Joy A. Rose

  • Frances A. Saxton Trust*

  • Fred Schaefer*

  • Jinny K. Schilling*

  • Robert Elliot Shepard*

  • The Simms Foundation

  • Charles Smith

  • Roslyn Smolen*

  • Nancy Sprague

  • Jeffrey and Sherry Swan

  • Domingo Torres III

  • Bharati Trivedi

  • Carol Ann Trusler*

  • Ruth and Andy Urban

  • Leonard M. VanBrunt Trust*

  • Walt and Sandi Wayne Trust

  • Marleen and Steve Weintraub

  • Grace Khazaal Weiss

  • George and Maureen White

  • Carol White-Buettner*

  • Carole Wightman

  • The Beadle Family

  • William N. and Lucja Willard*

  • Earl E. and Hazel Wilson Endowment*

  • Virginia Wines*

  • Arthur H. Wolf and Holly M. Chaffee

  • Paul and Kathleen Womack

  • Thomas Wong

  • Martha Wood

  • Gerald Blesdsoe and Linda Woolacott

  • Margaret Yang*

  • Patricia Nicole* and Alex Zea

  • Anonymous (69)