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Outdoor Nevada 

Outdoor Nevada Season 4

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Outdoor Nevada Remix S1 Ep10 | Rhyme on the Range

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Vegas PBS Channel 10 
Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.

Outdoor Nevada 

Close on the heels of a moving and exciting fourth season, which featured the historic Pioneer Saloon, the Hoover Dam and Gold Butte National Monument to name a few, Season 5 promises to take viewers to some of Nevada’s finest and most breathtaking outdoor destinations. 

The series will visit Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains, the Cowboy Arts & Gear Museum in Elko, the Kit Carson Trail, the Big Dunes in Amargosa Valley and many more one-of-a-kind adventures available to everyone. Vegas PBS extends the viewing experience beyond the broadcast, with free community outreach events in support of the outdoors and recreational activities. 

Hosted by John Burke, Outdoor Nevada is a showcase of Nevada’s ideal climate and varied environments that provide endless inspiration for exciting outdoor adventures. Whether it’s horseback riding in Red Rock Canyon, riding on a seaplane at Lake Tahoe or land sailing outside of Las Vegas, come along to see the places and meet the people that make Nevada unique and fascinating. 



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