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From Radio to Comedy: Michael Yo and Funny Baking

Join us for a comedy-packed episode of "Vegas ALL In" at the world-famous Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club. We are joined by Comedian Michael Yo, who will tell us about his journey from radio intern to E! reporter and now a world-renowned comedian. Learn about the advice he received from other comics like Jo Koy to help him forge his comedy success using YouTube to deliver his own comedy special.

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Vegas All In is a brand new digital-first series presented by Vegas PBS that highlights the authentic voices of the people who make Las Vegas unique.

By featuring documentary-style storytelling with entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, athletes, chefs, entertainers, and celebrities, Vegas All In delves into the past, present, and future of Las Vegas. Audiences will develop a profound comprehension of the city’s history, current status, and future direction by experiencing unique stories through first-person narrative.

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