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Frequently Asked Questions

Vegas PBS Viewer Services

Vegas PBS Channel 10 & 1010

Vegas PBS Create - (how-to and lifestyle)

  • OTA 10.2
  • COX Cable 112 (subscription required)
  • Prism 12 (subscription required)

VEGAS PBS KIDS 24/7 - (24/7 quality educational children’s program)

Vegas PBS WORLD (factual programming covering topics like science, nature, news, and public affairs)

  • COX Cable 114 (subscription required)

Many Vegas PBS programs are also available on internet-connected devices (Roku, Apple TV, ChromeCast & Xbox) by downloading the PBS App. PBS is working to make our content accessible on more devices and platforms, so check back regularly for updates.

PBS Video features thousands of full-length videos and clips from PBS and local member stations, with new episodes added daily. Most videos are available for free streaming for 2-4 weeks after their premiere. You can stream online or through downloading the PBS App. Extended access is available through PBS Passport.

Vegas PBS Passport is a member benefit from participating PBS stations that gives eligible supporters extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming online. Vegas PBS Passport is available on most popular streaming devices in the PBS App. Learn more about Vegas PBS Passport.

Vegas PBS Passport only streams programming for which we own the streaming rights. If the program you’re interested in has not given or sold us the streaming rights, then we are not allowed to stream it on our platform.


To update your Vegas PBS payment information, please visit Update Your Giving Information or call the 24/7 payment update hotline at 1.888.333.9510.

For more information on Vegas PBS trips, tours and concert ticket offers, please visit Ticket and Trip Offers.

To donate your vehicle to Vegas PBS, please visit the Donate Your Vehicle page on our website or call 1.877.727.4483.

For programming information, please call Vegas PBS at 702.799.1010 x5374 or use the Vegas PBS Department Contact Us form.

Passport is a benefit for members who donate at least $60 annually, or $5/month or more as ongoing sustainers. Please call Vegas PBS at 702.799.1010 x5589. Learn more about Passport

Please call Vegas PBS Passport Support at 1.844.666.5589 or visit Passport Support

To verfiy if your employer will match your gift to Vegas PBS, please visit Matching Gift Companies.

For Source magazine inquiries, please call Vegas PBS at 702.799.1010 x5589.

To make a gift of stock please call Vegas PBS at 702.799.1010 x5499.

To access previous Vegas PBS Planned Giving Seminars, please visit Vegas PBS Philanthropy Events and Services.

To cancel your Vegas PBS membership, please call Vegas PBS at 702.799.1010 x5589 or email

To obtain the Tax ID number for Vegas PBS, please call 702.799.1010 x5499.

Thank you gifts generally take 4-6 weeks to arrive. To obtain information regarding a thank you gift, please call Vegas PBS at 702.799.1010 x5589.

In order to change the address on your Vegas PBS membership account, please call 702.799.1010 x5589 or email

For questions about your Vegas PBS membership status, please call 702.799.1010 x5589 or email

Senior citizens may receive the basic membership for the discounted rate of $25 annually. The basic membership includes a subscription to the monthly Source magazine program guide. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount on Passport membership, which is $60 annually or $5 per month as an ongoing sustainer.


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Educational Media Services

To access Vegas PBS professional development course information, please visit the Vegas PBS Professional Development Portal for Educators.

To access Vegas PBS professional development course information, including how to track your time, please visit Vegas PBS Professional Development Portal for Educators.

To request an official certificate for Vegas PBS professional development courses, email your request to

The VEGAS PBS KIDS Writers Contest is designed to promote the advancement of children’s literacy skills through hands-on, active learning. The contest, made possible by local financial support from Janice Allen, empowers children in grades K-5 to celebrate creativity and build literacy skills by writing and illustrating their very own stories. Entry information.

Visit Vegas PBS Special Needs Resource Library or call 1.877.727.4483.


Public tours of the station are not being conducted at this time.

Conference rooms are currently limited to internal (Vegas PBS and Nevada Learning Academy) use only.

Vegas PBS is part of the Clark County School District. All Vegas PBS positions are posted on the CCSD and Vegas PBS websites. Please visit Vegas PBS jobs for open positions and application instructions.

If you are a current CCSD employee, please contact CCSD Health Services at 702.799.7443. Jeff Dahlke is currently the AED Project Facilitator and can be reached at 702.799.7443 x5048 or

Workforce Education

Vegas PBS offers courses and programs for businesses and individuals for skill development, professional licensure preparation, language acquisition, program certification and life-long learning. Learn more

Vegas PBS offers self-paced, career certification and short-term instructor-led programs. The Vegas PBS self-paced classes begin upon enrollment. Vegas PBS Online Career Certification programs start daily, enabling individuals to begin their program of study when they are ready. Courses offered in the Vegas PBS life-long learning catalog begin on the second or third Wednesday of every month and run for six weeks. Learn more

A Vegas PBS Customer Service representative of the Workforce Department would be happy to discuss the training program you are interested in and provide a training proposal. If you are unsure of the program, you may schedule an appointment to discuss your options with a coordinator or the director by calling 702.799.0031 or email

To request a proposal, email and please provide us with the following: full name, mailing address, email address, phone number, date of birth, case manager name and email, and the training program you are requesting. Staff will email your proposal, with a copy to your case manager, within one business day.

Do you offer typing certifications?
Yes, Vegas PBS offers certified typing tests, Monday-Friday (closed on holidays), by appointment only by calling 702.799.0031. Testing appointments can be scheduled between 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. The cost of the test is $20 and must be paid at the time of scheduling.

Can I just walk in to test?
No, Vegas PBS does not allow walk-in testing clients. Due to capacity and COVID restrictions, Vegas PBS will only accept scheduled and paid candidates to test. Please call 702.799.0031.

Can I pay with cash for my test?
Vegas PBS does not handle cash payments. Vegas PBS accepts payment with a debit or credit card. Receipts and testing appointment confirmations are emailed after payment and scheduling.

If I am not happy with the results of my typing test, am I able to retake the test?
Candidates who are not happy with their typing test score may repay and retake the exam once in a single day. Each typing exam fee is $20.

How long does it take for the typing test?
Candidates should allow at least 30 minutes for the typing certification test. Candidates are given a practice, and then have two 5-minute test attempts.

Do I receive a certified score for my typing test, or do I have to wait to receive my score?
Vegas PBS staff will prepare your certified typing certification immediately upon finishing your exam. If a candidate takes two exams, you will be provided with the highest score when exiting the testing center.

Does my typing test expire?
Yes, typing certifications do expire. Most employers require an exam within one year of applying for a position.

Is my typing certificate good for other places of employment, or just for CCSD employment?
Vegas PBS typing certifications are accepted by all employers.

What is your physical address?
Vegas PBS is located at 3050 E Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89121.

Do you have a place where I can lock my personal belongings when I am testing?
Vegas PBS provides lockers for testing candidates to store their personal belongings.

Is your computer lab open to the public?
Vegas PBS does not provide open access to the Workforce Testing Lab for individual use. The lab is used for testing and paid training only.

Are you open for Saturday testing?
Vegas PBS conducts ETS Teacher Praxis Testing only on Saturdays.

Does Vegas PBS supply paper, pencils and calculators for testing?
Vegas PBS will provide candidates paper, pencils and calculators based on each testing protocol. Candidates are not allowed to bring in their own calculators.

Do I have to provide ID to test?
A valid government issued photo identification (ID) is required for all tests offered through the Vegas PBS High Stakes Testing Center. If testing for ETS exams, and you are outside of your country of residency, a valid passport is required.

Do I have to wear a mask in the testing center?
You are allowed to wear a mask in the testing center. Masks are not mandatory in the testing center.

May I bring my children to the computer lab while I test?
The Vegas PBS Testing Center allows only scheduled candidates in the test area. Children are not allowed in the test area while parents are testing.

Can someone watch my children while I test?
Vegas PBS does not have staff to watch children while parents are testing. No unaccompanied children are allowed in the waiting area.

Do you offer the ParaPro Test?
Vegas PBS administers the ParaPro exam. Candidates must schedule ParaPro by calling 702.799.0031. ParaPro testing is conducted Monday-Friday (closed on Holidays), and testing times are 8a.m., 11a.m. and 2p.m. The fee is $75 and will be paid over the phone at the time the appointment is booked.

What is the cost of the ParaPro Exam?
The testing fee for ParaPro is $75.00 and must be paid for at the time of scheduling. ParaPro exams are scheduled Monday-Friday at 8a.m., 11a.m. or 2p.m. at Vegas PBS.

What does the ParaPro exam consist of?
The ParaPro exam consists of 90 questions. There are 30 questions in each of the following areas: Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The exam is 2.5 hours and the passing score is 460. If you don't pass, you will need to wait 28 days to retest.

How can I study for the ParaPro Exam?
If you are a CCSD employee, you may call CCSD Onboarding and Development at 702.799.1092 for study materials, or visit the ETS website for materials and practice tests.

What score do I need to pass the ParaPro Assessment?
The ParaPro passing score in Nevada is 460. If you need to retest, you will need to wait 28 days.

Do I have to repay a fee to retake the ParaPro exam?
Candidates who do not pass the ParaPro exam must repay the exam fee for each attempt. The fee is $75 per attempt.

How long do I have to wait to retake the ParaPro Exam if I fail?
Candidates who do not meet the minimum score of 460 must wait 28 days to retest.

Do I get my PraPro scores immediately?
Vegas PBS will provide ParaPro candidates with their unofficial score upon exiting the testing center. If you are applying for a position with CCSD, you may upload your unofficial scores in the application system. Official scores are mailed direct from ETS. Learn more

Do ParaPro scores expire?
ParaPro scores do not expire. However, if you tested outside of Nevada, you need to verify that your score meets the Nevada requirement.

I lost my ParaPro Official Certificate. What do I need to do?
Vegas PBS can provide an unofficial ParaPro score if you take the exam at Vegas PBS. For an official replacement score , you must contact ETS. The cost for a replacement ParaPro certificate is $50. ETS only retains your score for 10 years. If you lose your certificate and it is beyond 10 years, you are required to retest. Learn more

Vegas PBS is an official testing site for: ETS Praxis Teacher Exams, ETS ParaPro Exams, ETS HiSet Exams, Typing, Excel, ServSafe Food Manager, ACT WorkKeys Exams, National Health Career Exams (NHA), and is a recognized proctor site for the NAESA-QEI (Qualified Elevator Inspector) exam and others. All testing is offered by appointment only, or is scheduled in advance by the certifying body. To see a full list of exams and fees, visit our website or call 702.799.0031. Learn more

Vegas PBS does not provide testing for the Southern Nevada Health District's Food Handler Safety Training Card program. All testing is done at the Southern Nevada Health District. Details about their Food Handler Safety Training Card program can be found on their website, by contacting 702.759.0595, or emailing Learn more.

Vegas PBS still offers Food Safety Training that is aligned to the Southern Nevada Health District. The training is not required to get the card, but is provided for individuals who are new to the food industry, or for businesses wishing to use the training as part of its company food safety program. The food safety training is available on the Vegas PBS OSHA and Compliance Learning Portal. For the Food Handler Safety Training Card, contact Southern Nevada Health District at 702.759.0595 or

Vegas PBS does not offer CPR certifications. If you are currently a CCSD employee, contact CCSD Health Services at 702.799.7443 for CPR certification.

Vegas PBS provides testing for the HiSet, a GED equivalent. All testing is scheduled through CCSD Adult Education by calling 702.799.8650. Learn more

Candidates who took their OSHA 10 or 30 course from Vegas PBS and lost their card may request a replacement card by contacting HSI at 800.956.0333 or call OSHA directly at 833.438.6742. Fees may apply.

Vegas PBS provides morning and afternoon sessions for ETS Praxis exams, Monday-Friday, at 8a.m., 11a.m. or 2p.m., and a Saturday testing time at 8a.m. (closed holidays). Candidates must schedule and pay directly through ETS. Testing times, lengths and fees vary. Please visit the ETS website for scheduling and payment. Learn more

Vegas PBS does not offer discounts on testing fees. Most fees are established by the certifying body.

Vegas PBS does not offer financial assistance for enrollment. Students enrolling in a career program may inquire online, or call 855.520.6806 and speak to a Cengage enrollment representative regarding their student loan program. If a student is unemployed, they may qualify for funding through Nevada's OneStop System.

Vegas PBS does not offer bus passes.

Engineering and Production

For information about production services or studio rentals at Vegas PBS, please visit Vegas PBS Production Services. We may also be reached at 702.799.1010 or