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Channel 10 | 8 p.m.
A smart and state-focused public affairs program, Nevada Week provides insight into the most current and critical issues facing Nevada. This weekly half-hour show covers a wide range of important issues such as health care, politics, arts and culture, education, economic development, social services and more.

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Nevada Decides

2022 Elections

Nevada Public Broadcasters Join Forces for Debate

Vegas PBS and Nevada Public Radio to co-host Nevada Decides, a program featuring 2022 midterms candidates.

2023 State of the State

Nevada Week Extras

Camp Cartwheel offers hope and joy to children battling cancer

A look at the work Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation does to give children battling cancer a fun experience at Camp Cartwheel. 

BurlyCares supporting senior performing legends

The BurlyCares team explains the special help offered to senior performers, and the “legends” describe the impact it has on them. 

Impact of Major Corporations on Giving in Nevada

The role major companies have on philanthropy efforts in Nevada& where the need is in 2023

Interview with State Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro

Senator Nicole Cannizzaro discusses life as a lawmaker and caring for a newborn.

Why is Tree Equity Important to Southern Nevada?

What Tree Equity is, how it reduces heat, and why many neighborhoods trees.

Teens speak out on major issues facing Nevadans

Teens share their thoughts on education, mental health, social media, and other issues.