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Descriptive Videos

Vegas PBS airs many programs with Audio Description or Descriptive Video daily. Audio Description makes programming accessible to blind and visually impaired viewers.

What is Audio Description?

Audio Description or Descriptive Video is a term used to describe the descriptive narration of the key visual elements of television programs. Descriptive Video makes programs accessible to viewers with visual disabilities. "Key visual elements" consist of items such as a character's actions, costumes, gestures and facial expressions, resulting in a soundtrack that engages the viewer.

How Do I Access DVS at Home?

To access audio descriptions, you must have either a television or recording device equipped with the Secondary Audio Program (SAP) feature. Audio descriptions are heard when SAP is enabled on your television. SAP can be turned on or off through a remote control or onscreen menu. SAP is sometimes labeled "MTS" and may provide a choice of mono, stereo or SAP.

Free Loan Descriptive Videos Available

Over 380 titles on DVD available on loan throughout the state of Nevada. |
Contact the Vegas PBS Special Needs Resource Library at:
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Vegas PBS has expanded its services for blind and visually impaired students in the Clark County School District. Literacy Learning Kits have been designed for use by K-3 blind and visually impaired students and their parents.

Learn more about the Literacy Learning Kits.

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Special Needs Resource Library

Introduction to the Special Needs Resource Library

The Vegas PBS Special Needs Resource Library is a program available to all Nevadans.


Vegas PBS Expands Learning Services to the Under-served
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