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Series Overview

The Vegas PBS STEAM Camp is a weekly broadcast series for children ages 6-8, designed to bring the fun and discovery associated with camp directly into viewers’ homes. A phenomenon-based question drives each episode’s exploration and the program utilizes community experts, interactive at-home STEAM challenges, and literacy extensions to support inquiry-based learning and conceptual understanding.

To promote interactivity, children are encouraged to share photos and videos of their investigations for possible incorporation into the STEAM Camp website. Vegas PBS will also mail books and educational activities to randomly selected children who submit their work to incentivize participation. By aligning STEAM concepts with their real-world applications across Southern Nevada, the program will support authentic learning while strengthening children’s connection to our community.


  • Use digital and tangible tools to support the development of science inquiry and engineering design practices as children observe, question, predict, investigate, build, share, and reflect.
  • Support and foster positive attitudes and perceptions about STEAM, through alignment with their real-world applications across Southern Nevada.
  • Offer STEAM-based career exploration, specific to Southern Nevada.
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Vegas PBS STEAM Camp

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