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Preparing For Mass Disease | Nevada Week
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Preparing for Mass Disease

Health officials explain how prepared Southern Nevada is for an epidemic.

Nevada Week
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Preparing for Mass Disease
Nevada Week
Preparing for Mass Disease

Nevada Week | Preparing For Mass Disease

SEASON 2: EPISODE 32 | Airdate: 2/21/2020

According to an NPR PBS Newshour Marist poll, 66-percent of Americans believe the coronavirus is a real threat. But according to some local health officials, you should be more concerned about catching the flu. Every day health officials are teaming up with businesses and government agencies to prepare for the risk or spread of disease. We'll discuss how prepared the valley is for an outbreak.

Episode Guests

  • Brian Labus, Assistant Professor, UNLV School of Public Health
  • Dr. Fermin Leguen, Acting District Health Officer, SNHD
  • Dr. Shadaba Asad, Medical Director of Infectious Diseases, UMC