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The Story of Classic Las Vegas


The Story of Classic Las Vegas

This film chronicles the history of the town beginning in the early 1900's and follows it through its perilous struggle to survive. The railroads promise a great future that never comes, then Hoover Dam booms while the nation goes bust.

And then, when the dam is finished, the city shrinks overnight. In this film we'll hear from the men and women who worked here and the kids who played here, the people who helped shape Las Vegas into the legendary American town that it is today.


American Experience

The High Scalers of Hoover Dam

During the dam's construction, the job of the high scaler was by far the most dangerous.

State of the Art

Las Vegas Artist Justin Favela

Las Vegas artist Justin Favela explains how being Mexican-American influences his work.

Antiques Roadshow

Appraisal: 1964 Frank Sinatra Letter

Appraisal: 1964 Frank Sinatra Letter