As Time Goes By

Love in the third age

Love gets a second chance - 38 years on - in this warm and witty comedy by Bob Larbey. A huge success around the world, especially in America, it stars Oscar-winning actress Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer as long-lost sweethearts Jean and Lionel, who lost touch after a whirlwind romance in the early 1950s, met up again 38 years later and remarried.

Series Six confronts some of the problems associated with getting older. A perceived loss of masculinity prompts Lionel to try to tackle Sandy's stalker. Now that he no longer has any writing to do, he is bored if Jean is not around, while she is having trouble adjusting to being semi-retired. Both think Judy and Sandy's new boyfriends are far from desirable. It seems that life lately is full of nothing but problems - but they all pale into insignificance compared to the prospect of her nosy sister-in-law Penny and her husband Stephen becoming next-door neighbors!

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