As Time Goes By

Love in the third age

Love gets a second chance - 38 years on - in this warm and witty comedy by Bob Larbey. A huge success around the world, especially in America, it stars Oscar-winning actress Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer as long-lost sweethearts Jean and Lionel, who lost touch after a whirlwind romance in the early 1950s, met up again 38 years later and remarried.

Series Six confronts some of the problems associated with getting older. A perceived loss of masculinity prompts Lionel to try to tackle Sandy's stalker. Now that he no longer has any writing to do, he is bored if Jean is not around, while she is having trouble adjusting to being semi-retired. Both think Judy and Sandy's new boyfriends are far from desirable. It seems that life lately is full of nothing but problems - but they all pale into insignificance compared to the prospect of her nosy sister-in-law Penny and her husband Stephen becoming next-door neighbors!

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As Time Goes By | Series 9 Episodes:

Episode One
Sandy’s policeman boyfriend, Harry, calls at the house to tell Sandy some important news. Jean tries desperately to get it out of him, but isn’t supported by Lionel, who keeps changing the subject. Meanwhile, Alistair – who has had dates with both girls in the household – suddenly realizes he wants Judith and that he should settle down. But his business is booming, so which will come first – work or romance? Meanwhile, Sandy is discovering Harry’s news. He has been promoted to Detective Sergeant and has been offered an attachment to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. But though he is making plans for his new life, it is beginning to look as if she may not be part of it.

Episode Two
Alistair has finally proposed marriage to Judith and has been accepted. Jean is naturally delighted for her daughter and can’t wait to make plans for the wedding. Needless to say, there are some complications when realization strikes confirmed bachelor Alistair, while Judith has her own plans for a country wedding. Jean’s sister-in-law Penny and her long-suffering husband Stephen have some news of their own which may prevent them from attending the wedding – he is due to receive an OBE for his services to dentistry. Meanwhile, Lionel’s father Rocky and Mrs Bale prepare for the big event in the village.

Episode Three
As the day of Judith and Alistair’s wedding approaches, the women are putting the final touches to their plans.A minor hitch occurs when the best man breaks his leg, so Rocky is asked to do the honors instead. Alistair is still being emotional while Jean is now working hard to pair Harry off with Sandy. The day of the country wedding finally arrives and turns out to be a big success – with a little help from Rocky, Lol and Mrs Bale.

Episode Four
With Judith and Alistair away on their honeymoon, the house seems very empty to Jean as she frets about the nature of time and where it all goes. Despite all Jean and Sandy’s efforts, Harry has still not proposed. Jean is considering asking Sandy to take over as office manager at the secretarial agency. However, all ends well as Harry finally sees sense and whisks Sandy off with him to Canada. Jean tries to teach Lionel a lesson about trust and, despite his disapproval, gives a temporary home to Dave (Lara Cazalet), a bright down-and-out woman whom they find camping out on their doorstep.There is also a surprise reappearance.

You Must Remember This (60’ Special)
For the first time in ages, Jean and Lionel have the house to themselves following Judith’s wedding and Sandy’s departure with Harry to Canada. Jean is trying to persuade Lionel to write ‘part two' of his autobiography, from where they met up again after 38 years and decided to give love another chance. ”It sounds made up!” is Lionel's response. There then follows flashbacks to that meeting and all the other memorable moments since (including a perfect proposal and the chaos of Judith and Sandy’s on/off relationships), each of which Jean maintains could make a chapter