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Aging Backwards 3 with Miranda Esmonde-White

Aging Backwards 3 introduces six scientifically-formulated points to slow down the clock; empowering everyone—young and old, athletic or sedentary—with the information and tools to look and feel younger. Viewers will learn exactly how to integrate this concept into their daily life, using an innovative 30-day Fast Track plan that is both simple to follow and provides quick results.

The program’s secret sauce is understanding these essential ways to age backwards, including using relaxation as the new strengthening, maintaining a strong and capable brain, and working in a pain-free mode. With little investment of time or money - every stage of life, from childhood, to adulthood, to our senior years can feel youthful.

In Fast Track, Miranda outlines how to begin her revitalizing program of stretching and strengthening—and how to make it stick. Combined with personal success stories from individuals who have relieved chronic pain, healed injuries and health conditions, and improved their overall quality of life—this television series has a proven formula for attracting the interest of an ever-growing, vibrant aging population.