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Money Masters

Money Masters

Money Masters premiere with Robert Bolick, Kim Walker and Jason Oshins.

Watch Money Masters on Vegas PBS 

Money Masters

This new series of specials will answer your most pressing questions about investments, taxes, wills, trusts and more, in an easy-to-understand format. Each episode introduces local experts who will give you the tools to make financial planning less overwhelming. Money Masters is for anyone at any life stage and earning level.

Tune into our first episode with three Money Masters who will discuss: 

  • Building and Growing Wealth
  • Accessing and Enjoying Wealth
  • Transferring Wealth and Leaving a Legacy

 Vegas PBS is pleased to bring you relevant programs that help put our members on the path to financial literacy.

Money Masters Featuring Robert Bolick, Kim Walker and Jason Oshins

Planning for Retirement in your Mid 20s

The Money Masters break down financial planning for recent college grads and newlyweds.

Financial Planning in your Early 50s

The Money Masters discuss planning in mid-life, mixed portfolios and real estate.

Financial Planning in your Early 70s

The Money Masters discuss financial planning, investments, social security and pensions.

Money Masters | Panelists

Robert Bolick

Robert Bolick

Estate Planning and asset protection attorney with 35+ years of experience dealing with interests that range from complex estates to simpler wills and living trusts.

Robert Bolick

Kim Walker

CPA with 35+ years of experience helping businesses in Southern NV, Western AZ, and Southern CA with taxes, IRS problem resolution and bookkeeping.

Robert Bolick

Jason Oshins

Wealth Management Advisor with WestPac Wealth Partners who has authored articles on estate planning, investments, insurance planning and retirement planning.