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Keeping Kids Fit

Students involved in extra-curricular activities have a tendency to perform better in school, and graduate from high school.

"A study by Marsh (1992) examined correlations between the total number of extracurricular activities a student is involved in and many different outcomes. He found that higher extracurricular activity participation scores correlated with a positive social and academic self-concept, taking more advanced courses, spending more time on homework, post-secondary educational aspirations, higher GPA, more parental involvement, less absenteeism, better college attendance, and higher occupational aspirations."

-Bush '03, Jilann M., "The Effect of Extracurricular Activities on School Dropout" (2003). Honors Projects. Paper 16.

Many people in Southern Nevada may not be familiar with the wealth of extra-curricular activities youth have to explore. Vegas PBS, as a part of our Keeping Kids Fit program, would like to make available to you a list of options to consider.

Vegas PBS does not endorse any specific organization or program. We do, however, encourage young athletes to consult with their doctor prior to participating in physical activity.

To suggest an organization to be added or updated, please contact by email:, phone: 702.799.1010, Option 5.