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Technology and Engineering

Our technical staff oversees the transmission and distribution of programs over-the-air from our Black Mountain transmitter site as well from a vast cable, satellite, broadband, and wide-area network for 15 digital channels.

Our team of highly dedicated engineers, master controllers, and support staff continuously operate, upgrade and maintain state-of-the-art infrastructure feeding local and national programs into your home as well as rebroadcasting them statewide over a network of 17 digital translator sites. KLVX channel programming includes High Definition (HD) Digital Television, Standard Definition (SD) Digital Television, streaming and video-on-demand files, digital cable TV for Cox and CenturyLink-Prism users, and digital satellite TV for Dish and DirecTV subscribers.

More than just television, KLVX engineers and master controllers also operate and maintain a radio frequency microwave and interoperable VHF to 700 MHz/800 MHz network for more than 50 Federal, State and Local First Responder agencies when operating as a back-up Emergency Operations Center for the Clark County School District (CCSD).

Engineering staff are FCC-licensed, trained and certified by the Department of Homeland Security/Office of Emergency Communications and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide Emergency Response support for over 150 schools every year as well as to the CCSD police department.


Vegas PBS engineers and technologists also serve an important role in the production of local programming – filming and editing programs and assisting with other special projects by providing more than 1,600 hours of technical support per year. Consider hiring our highly-skilled team for your next production project. Or, bring your own team and rent our state-of-the-art studio or editing suites.

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3050 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89121, 702. 799.1010


K32DWChannel 32Chloride, AZK06PG-DChannel 6Laughlin, NV
K08PE-DChannel 8Alamo, NVK49AM-DChannel 49Lund & Preston, NV
K45AL-DChannel 45Caliente, NVK25LU-DChannel 25Mesquite, NV
K14AL-DChannel 14Ely, NVK28CS-DChannel 28Pahrump, NV
K26HY-DChannel 26Ely, NVK43DS-DChannel 43Panaca, NV
K13NR-DChannel 13Ely & McGill, NVK45AO-DChannel 45Pioche, NV
K27JK-DChannel 27Glendale, NVK13NQ-DChannel 13Ruth, NV
K08PG-DChannel 8Indian Springs, NVK50DA-DChannel 50Ursine, NV
K34LI-DChannel 34Jean, NV

Clark County School District/Emergency Operations Center (CCSD/EEOC) activation, setup and operations

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Regional Planning Committee Activities for Nevada

US Department of Homeland Security/Office of Emergency Communications (DHS/OEC) Training and Activities

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Trainings:

National Incident Management Systems (NIMS)

Incident Command Systems (ICS)

Communications Leaders (COM/L)

Communications Technicians (COM/T)

Federal National Disaster Medical System & Assistance Team NV-1 Activities and Training

Nevada Commission of Homeland Security Meeting (NCHS) Facilitation

Nevada Division of Emergency Management Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Operators

Nevada Communications Steering Committee Facilitation

Nevada Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan (SCIP) & Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan (TICP) Working Groups

County Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) Activities

Las Vegas Urban Area Working Group (UAWG) Activities

Data-Casting and Mobile Handheld Initiatives