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Educational Technology Campus | History

Vegas PBS broke ground on the Educational Technology Campus on Monday, July 16, 2007 following completion of the successful $74 million capital “Campaign for the Digital Future” launched in 2000 by Southern Nevada Public Television. In an unique public-private partnership, the Clark County School District provided land and construction funding for the Nevada Learning Academy portion of the complex.

The Vegas PBS Educational Technology Campus houses Vegas PBS television studios and offices and its related community services, including:

  • Special Needs Resource Library

  • Nevada Learning Academy, the largest online middle and high school in the state.

  • Emergency response data-casting operations for the general public and to back up the communications capacity of several local emergency response agencies.

Architecture firm JMA designed the high-tech facility, making certain to include numerous green building designs to ensure maximum energy conservation. The building is the first LEED Gold certified television facility in the United States. Martin-Harris Construction was the contractor of record for the project.

Green building features include a light-colored parking lot to reduce urban heat island effects, geothermal wells to lower cooling costs, solar-voltaic panels, recycled steel, wood products from replanted forests, recycled or agriculturally-based floor and wall coverings, energy-efficient window and shading systems, and water-use reduction systems.

Electronic equipment within the building meet international WEEE and RoHR standards for energy efficiency, heat generation and avoidance of toxic recycling wastes. The facility uses 45% less energy per square foot than a facility built to the building codes of the time, recouping all investments via energy savings in 4.5 years.

Vegas PBS

Vegas PBS Educational Technology Campus Timelapse Movie

The Educational Technology Campus is a state-of-the-art capital project that will be one of the most environmentally conscious facilities in Nevada with cutting-edge geothermal and solar energy capabilities. This timelapse movie follows the progress starting with the groundbreaking in July, 2007 to its completion.

Vegas PBS

Vegas PBS Memorial Garden Dedication

Vegas PBS General Manager Tom Axtell unveiled the Memorial Garden containing several boulders originally placed in front of the organization's former headquarters in response to a terrorist threat made to Vegas PBS during a visit by Senator Harry Reid in 2001. The Memorial Garden is dedicated to the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.