Makers: Women In Nevada History

Makers: Women In Nevada History Makers: Women In Nevada History

Vegas PBS has partnered with UNLV’s Women’s Research Institute of Nevada to educate our community about some of the extraordinary women who have shaped Las Vegas into the world-famous and unique destination it is today.

The goal of this continuing project is to create and distribute programs that focus on local Las Vegas women who have made significant contributions to the quality of life in Southern Nevada.

Learn more about the MAKERS – Women in Nevada History | Curriculum Guide.

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Makers: Women In Nevada History Episodes

The Groundbreakers 

At the turn of the century, Nevada was a vast desert populated by small towns and few residents. In this episode we recognize some of Nevada's earliest Makers: groundbreaking women who blaze a trail for all those who'd follow.


Moving Forward 

It's the 1960's and times are changing in Nevada and across the nation. In this episode we discover how some of Nevada's Makers navigate these tumultuous times becoming successful leaders, business professionals and supporters of their communities.


Into The Future 

Discover how Nevada's modern Makers are helping better our state's communities today and into the future.


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