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Inside Education Overview
Clark County School District, with its 352 schools, is the fifth largest school district in the United States. Inside Education takes viewers into Las Vegas area schools and classrooms, to see how teachers teach and children learn. Host Dave Sheehan and reporter Heather Caputo provide key insights into the issues that shape area schools –from national initiatives like “No Child Left Behind” to local interests like full-day kindergarten.

Why Education News?
In order to bridge the gap left by limited CCSD news in the media Inside Education steps in to fill the void. Given the school district’s prominence and impact on the community, this weekly newsmagazine program provides more comprehensive district information to its stakeholders. Our main objectives are to inform, educate, and provide more in-depth coverage of education topics.

Program Goals
Every Clark County resident invests in our schools, either as a taxpayer, a parent or a student. Even parents whose children attend private school, senior citizens and those without school-aged children have a vested interest, by virtue of their financial contribution, and the impact education has on enabling students to become self-sufficient citizens later on.

Dave Sheehan

Dave SheehanDave Sheehan has been with the Clark County School District for five years as a public information specialist in the Communications Office. In this capacity, he has helped implement communication and public information programs for the nation's fifth largest and fastest growing school district. His responsibilities include updating the district's website, editing the annual Back to School Reporter publication, coordinating annual events such as the Math Proficiency Campaign and handling inquiries from local and national media outlets.

Prior to joining the school district in 2004, Dave was an enrollment counselor for the University of Phoenix. He also spent 11 years as owner and manager of a video production company in Montana, producing everything from 30-second commercials and public service announcements to full-length, original television programs including a real estate show and Montana's first weekly comedy show. He also was involved in numerous other projects ranging from wedding videos to specialized projects for attorneys and government agencies. 

Dave started his career in radio broadcasting and moved into television, working as a reporter, anchor and assignment editor at a variety of commercial TV stations in Michigan, Nebraska and Montana. In the mid 1980's he was a writer and editor for United Press International in Chicago, which at the time served over 3,000 radio and TV stations across the U.S. Dave also was a reporter for a Michigan newspaper and wrote a monthly humor column for several magazines. Dave has a B.A. in Communication Arts from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, and earned his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. He is the proud father of two daughters, ages 4 and 11.

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