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Vegas PBS has a consistent track-record of collecting and disseminating important information about key issues facing the communities it serves. With multi-year initiatives such as Keeping Kids Fit and Reading For Smiles, the station has successfully educated and engaged the public in coordinated cross-platform efforts to fight childhood obesity, advocate dental hygiene, and support healthy families.

Vegas PBS’ approach to the high school dropout crisis is no different. Part of the national American Graduate initiative, Vegas PBS is applying its successful formula of Community Outreach + On-Air Production + Online Resources to tackle this critical issue, which is especially important in Las Vegas, a city that has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country. (Source: US Dept of Education).

The consequences of high school dropout rates are of great importance to society. The economic and social costs in terms of earning potential, increased crime rate, greater single-parent pregnancy, drug use, and strain on social programs are why educators, researchers, politicians and corporations are all looking at the problem so closely.

  • In 2008, Nevada ranked 51st in the U.S and District of Columbia on the Average Graduation Rate for public high school students.

  • In 2009, the average annual income for a high school dropout was $19,540, compared to $27,380 for a high school diploma earner, $36,190 for an associate degree earner, and $46,930 for a bachelor degree holder.

  • In 2010, the overall Nevada graduation rate was 70.3%, and in Clark County it was 68.1%, and in Washoe it was 71.9%

  • Increasing by half its 2010 graduation rate, the Silver State would have gained $64,844,808 in earnings, $155,366,635 in vehicle and home purchases, 405 new jobs supported, and $53,317,331 in lost revenue. 

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Vegas PBS Wins Awards for American Graduate. Learn more.

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