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Educational Technology Campus

The Vegas PBS Educational Technology Campus is an integrated digital media facility for Vegas PBS’ family of channels, Educational Media Services (EMS), Vegas Virtual Online Education and Clark County School District’s Virtual High School. The campus provides seamless interaction between both facilities as they create and distribute electronic educational media.

As an environmentally designed sustainable building, the campus is a model for “green” broadcasting practices and for public/private partnership in education and health information. It meets internationally recognized environmental and energy use standards including LEED, WEEE, and ROHS.

The campus is a public safety and emergency response center designed to stand up to the challenges of our post 9/11 world.


  • Vegas PBS is the first television facility in the United States or Canada to earn LEED Gold Certification. It is projected to use half the energy of a facility built to current building standards and recapture all energy saving investments within six years. Energy conservation systems will reduce carbon emissions by 573 metric tons per year.

  • The campus’ solar-voltaic system is the largest rooftop installation of panels in the state of Nevada. The 790 Photovoltaic panels generate over 150,000 watts of power and provide an estimated 18% of electrical demand for the building.

  • There are 202 geothermal wells that are used to cool the campus. These wells are drilled to an average depth of 425-feet; they are as deep as the Mandalay Bay stands in the sky. The geothermal system is projected to save approximately 20% a year in air conditioning costs.

  • Concrete paving instead of asphalt was used in the parking lot to keep the urban heat-island effect to a minimum. Recycled flyash was used in the concrete mix.

  • The sloped rooftop and parking lot diverts rainwater to a 100,000 gallon underground cistern for irrigation. Store management drains filter runoff for cleaner discharge.

  • Windows feature internal louvers that divert sunlight to optimize interior lighting. Window coatings reduce glare and reflect heat.

  • Solar light tubes capture natural light from the rooftop and carry it to interior occupied spaces.

  • Structural steel girders contain 90% recycled material.

  • Standards for electronics within the facility require low heat generation and high levels of energy efficiency, ban the use of certain toxic chemicals and require ease of disassembly for recycling.

  • Electronics, flooring, wall coverings, furnishings and insulation materials meet EPA Indoor Clean Air recommendations and GREENGUARD standards for low off-gassing of hazardous chemicals and particulates. All wood furniture products are certified by the Forest Sustainability Council for replanting and minimization of topsoil run-off.


  • The Vegas PBS Educational Technology Campus is the first broadcast building built to the post 9/11 recommendations of the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Media Security and Reliability Commission (MSRC). This investment ensures that following an earthquake or other civil disaster, the campus can maintain operations and provide vital information to citizens and first responders.

  • Vegas PBS is designated as the backup Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the Clark County School District and maintains wired and wireless connections to other EOCs, media providers, schools, hospitals and first responders.

  • Emergency power capability allows for a seven-to-ten day operation without external power.

  • Crumple zones allow for a central data storage area and broadcast operations center able to withstand an earthquake tremor.

  • Vegas PBS donated an antenna site and power for a Digital Smart Radio Technologies for Amateur Radio (D-Star) repeater system. In cooperation with local amateur radio operators, the system will provide emergency communications networks during an emergency.

  • Datacasting system permits rapid dissemination of blueprints and data for over 400 buildings.


  • Nevada’s largest diploma-granting, comprehensive curriculum online high school.

  • 8,700 online course enrollments in the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

  • Southern Nevada’s largest online workforce development provider with open entry/exit programs.

  • Flexible multi-function classrooms and computer labs for student and adult education.

  • Online classroom video library with over 150,000 titles and 22,000 periodicals.

  • Lending media library with over 15,000 titles.

  • Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) serves vision or hearing impaired children. 

  • Early childhood literacy and health outreach programs.


Vegas PBS recognizes the following organizations for their generous support of the new Vegas PBS Technology Campus:
GLVAR (Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors)
The Simms Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank
MGM Mirage Resorts



Educational Technology Campus

3050 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(702) 799-1010 
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