Doc Martin

Season 8 finds Doc Martin and Louisa living together again with their infant son, James Henry, in Portwenn. However, even after repairing their relationship, their problems are far from over. Louisa finds herself juggling too many responsibilities, and considers a career change. Martin contends with his nemesis, a dog named Buddy, to whom his son has grown attached. The stress of taking care of an infant, especially during the teething stage, doesn’t help matters either!

Meanwhile, Portwenn is abuzz as two of its residents, Al and Morwenna, are planning their wedding. The Larges hope to profit from the festivities, but when Martin's Aunt Ruth (Eileen Atkins, Cranford) considers selling the family farm, her decision causes trouble for the Large’s business endeavors.

Returning actors this season include Dame Eileen Atkins (Aunt Ruth), Selina Cadell (Mrs. Tishell), Ian McNeice (Bert Large), Joe Absolom (Al Large), John Marquez (PC Penhale), and Jessica Ransom (Morwenna). Guest stars include Sigourney Weaver (Alien), Caroline Quentin (Jonathan Creek), Kevin Doyle (Downton Abbey), Rebecca Lacey (Monarch of the Glen), and Art Malik (Jewel in the Crown).
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