Measurement Workshop

Non-standard measurement is when we use something other than a ruler, tape measure or measuring cups to find the length or quantity of something. In this interactive workshop, families engage in non-standard measurement activities with their preschoolers to help them estimate, measure and compare objects.


Practice Non-Standard Measurement

Use a common item, like a paper clip, to find the length of something in your home. Remember to line up the items end to end with no gaps next to the object they are measuring (for example, the window sill is 20 paper clips long).



Visit PBS Kids Lab to play math games with your child. It’s online and free! You can play games in many different math skill areas such as counting, addition, subtraction, data collecting or measurement. Play the Sid the Science Kid’s game called Crystals Rule to practice non-standard measurement.


Use Math Vocabulary

Visit PBS KIDS Lab - Classroom Activities to watch how educators incorporate math vocabulary into an activity. You’ll hear words like taller, shorter, wider and larger all being used in activities that you can do at home.