Environment Print Workshop

What is Environmental Print?

Environmental Print is the text that appears in your environment, from words on signs to logos on cereal boxes. Environmental Print helps preschoolers' early literacy development because these are often the first words children recognize. It also helps children understand that reading is about finding meaning in text, not just sounding out words.

Our hands-on environmental print workshop teaches families how to use this concept to strengthen children's early literacy skills.

Environmental Print Strategies

Print Alphabet Flash Cards


Clip Product Logos

Many logos are very familiar to children due to their distinctive color and shape. Before you throw away food packaging or grocery store advertisements, clip logos and read them with your child. Ask them what letters they recognize. Stick the collection of logos on the refrigerator to use as practice. It will build your child's confidence to see the large collection of words they know how to read.


Use the Television

Incorporate reading into television viewing everyday. Turn on the closed captioning so children start to understand that written words correlate to speech. Also, watch the letter and number of the day on Sesame Street. Then, look for that particular letter in your home, in product logos, in storybooks, or outside on signs when you go for a walk.


Make Your Own

Label common items, such as the television, table, refrigerator, or microwave. To make reading the signs more fun, detach them from the object and play a matching game with your child. Help your child read the labels and have him or her reattach them to the correct objects. Before you know it, your child will be able to read the label on his/her own!