Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Acceptance Month

See how a PBS KIDS show helped Marjorie, a young girl with Autism, accept her leg braces.

Sesame Street: Meet Julia

Meet Julia, an old buddy of Elmo’s and the newest friend on Sesame Street. Julia has autism…and she and Elmo share an amazing friendship.
Sesame Street

Sesame Street: I Love My Family Song with Julia's Family

Julia and her family sing--it's fun spending time together!


DINOSAUR TRAIN | Junior Conductors Academy Song | PBS KIDS

ing along with the Pteranodon kids as they go to Junior Conductors Academy!


ARTHUR | Carl's Accordion | PBS KIDS

George discovers that Carl can play the accordion, and asks him to perform with him.

Sesame Street In Communities

Sesame Street and Autism: What Makes You Amazing?

We are all amazing in so many ways. Celebrate every child’s strengths at #seeamazing

Daily Routine Cards
Sesame Street

Daily Routine Cards

Use this FREE tool to help your child learn the different steps involved in everyday activities such as teeth-brushing.