Midsomer Murders

Set in the deceptively idyllic fictional English county of Midsomer, the suspenseful drama MIDSOMER MURDERS is based on the popular novels of Caroline Graham. Featuring an eccentric cast of characters, ubiquitous red herrings, and quaint countryside scenery, this long-running crime series recalls classic public television British mysteries of the past. At the heart of the show is the perceptive and meticulous criminal investigator Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby (John Nettles - BergeracThe Channel Islands At War).

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Midsomer Murders - Episodes


Episode #1001 & 1002 – "Dance with the Dead"
A man's apparent suicide in an armored car shocks the village of Morton Fendle, but things take a more sinister turn when it is discovered that he was not alone when he died. Atop Barnaby and Jones's list of suspects is the victim's missing girlfriend — whose mysterious hold over the war-blighted residents could provide the key to the mystery. John Nettles and Jason Hughes star.

Episode #1003 & 1004 – "The Animal Within"
A mischievous trickster finally gets his comeuppance when his body is found floating below the weir in Midsomer Deverell. The extent of his double life starts to emerge when three family friends and a long-lost niece produce wills claiming his fortune, and his collection of erotic photographs from the 1960s gives Barnaby and Jones the key to the tangled relationships and feuds blighting the family. Guest star Lisa Eichorn (Mr. Selfridge, The Talented Mr. Ripley)

Episode #1005 & 1006 – "King's Crystal"
When a family glassware business collapses following the death of one of its partners, Barnaby investigates allegations of financial irregularities, love triangles and a string of murders. Lapsed Freemason Jones uses his inside knowledge to explore the ceremonial aspects of two killings. Flora Montgomery (Grantchester; Endeavour) guest stars.

Episode #1007 & 1008 – "The Axeman Cometh"
Barnaby is delighted that his music heroes Hired Gun are reuniting to play at the Midsomer Rocks festival - minus their drummer, who disappeared 30 years ago after driving his car into a quarry. However, a string of bizarre warnings convinces the paranoid lead singer that someone is trying to stop the reunion, and his fears are confirmed when the backup singer drops dead on stage. Guest star Suzi Quatro (Happy Days).

Episode #1009 & 1010 – "Death and Dust"
When Dr. Alan Delaney is killed by a hit-and-run driver while in charge of his partner's new car, Barnaby and Jones discover the dead man had once been accused by Dr. James Kirkwood of stealing a large sum of money from their Midsomer Market practice. Further investigations to uncover the whereabouts of the missing money lead the detectives to believe that Kirkwood may have been the real target. Guest starring Stephanie Cole (Doc Martin).

Episode #1011 & 1012 – "Picture of Innocence"
A photographer is murdered shortly after exhibiting a compromising picture of Barnaby - who becomes a suspect in the ensuing investigation. Joyce concludes that someone is trying to frame him, and is stunned when he admits to a previous relationship with the murdered man's wife. Jones is forced to work with the irritating Martin Spellman to solve the case. Guest starring Liza Goddard (Bergerac), Adrian Scarborough (Father Brown, Upstairs Downstairs) and Richard Lintern (Silent Witness).

Episode #1013 & 1014 – "They Seek Him Here"
When director Nick Cheyney is found beheaded by a guillotine on the set of his latest film, Barnaby and Jones are left with no shortage of suspects. The victim, it transpires, was on poor terms with several people in some way connected to the project, including the mother of his child, and an actor who blamed him for ruining his career. Guest starring Nicky Henson (Downtown Abbey)

Episode #1015 & 1016 – "Death in a Chocolate Box"
Barnaby's former CID colleague Jack Colby left the force under a cloud following a sex scandal involving villagers and officers at Causton police station. Now retrained as a probation officer, Jack is working at a halfway house for reformed criminals. When he is bludgeoned to death, his colleagues set out to discover why the past would not leave him alone. With Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf), Edward Petherbridge (The Borgias), and Christopher Fairbank (Doc Martin, Wolf Hall).



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