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How to Find Love Online

How to Find Love Online

How to Find Love Online

91 million of us around the world log on to internet dating sites. Dr Xand van Tulleken is one of them. An expert in public health issues at Fordham University in New York, he is hopelessly single, and looking for love. Can Dr Hannah Fry, lecturer in mathematics at University College London, use her statistical know-how to help secure him the partner of his dreams?

Together they explore the science of online dating. Firstly which site should you use? There are sites that claim their algorithms will find your perfect match. But will these find you love any better than one of the swiping apps that have taken the world by storm?

Once you’ve chosen your site, what’s the best picture to use? And how do you write a profile to maximise interest in potential partners?

This is an entertaining journey following Xand’s rollercoaster dating quest to find ‘the one’ using science and maths.

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