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Flying to the Ends of the Earth

Flying to the Ends of the Earth

Former Royal Marine Arthur Williams flies to the islands of the South Pacific, the frozen wastes of Siberia, and Peru's mountains and deserts, to find out how people make a life in such remote places. This is the follow up to the first series, that found Williams traveling to the Himalayas, Australia and Papua, plus The Great Northern Wilderness of Canada. 

Episode #201 – Siberia
Arthur flies into Siberia to find out how people make a life in such a remote — and cold — location, and experiences a dangerous helicopter crash, which leaves him facing a long drive on ice roads.

Episode #202 – South Pacific
Arthur discovers how much life is at the mercy of the elements in the South Pacific, where he meets locals who were hit by a cyclone, joins a flying doctor on his rounds and lands on an active volcano.

Episode #203 – Peru
Arthur flies to Peru, where he crosses desert, mountains and jungle in search of the people who live in a country boasting some of the most extreme landscapes on Earth.

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