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Changing Face of.... The Queen

THE CHANGING FACE OF…Is a celebrity biography series with a twist:  telling the incredible stories of those A-listers whose careers have endured across the decades. Hugely talented within their fields, they’ve also been inventive in how they’ve used their image to keep themselves in the spotlight. Through the prism of their everchanging style, we reveal each star’s amazing life story - the highs, the lows, the drugs, the sex and the rock and roll.

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Madonna is the mistress of re-invention and understands the power of the visual image. From her days as a “Boy Toy” via the “Material Girl” to her latest incarnation as a movie director, she has never lost ability to shock, grabbing headlines and selling not just herself but her records, books and films. Through her marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie to her role as the adoptive mother of AIDS orphans, Madonna continues to fascinate.

Elton John

These days Sir Elton is rock royalty. He’s come a long way from his dorky school days when he went by the name Reginald Dwight. From mild-mannered piano player to dazzling sequinclad showman, Elton’s changed not just the way he looks, but his way of life too. He’s been straight, bi-sexual and gay, he’s been a shopaholic, workaholic and cocaine addict and then in 2010 a father. From massive specs and spandex, to Versace suits and wigs: Elton is an international institution.

Joan Collins

Joan was a serious drama student until a movie studio offered her thousands to become a starlet and she never looked back. She earned the nickname “The British Open” because she slept around, before she settled down to the quiet domesticity of motherhood. She would have given up on acting completely had her husbands not left her high and dry. She was forced to go back to work to pay the bills. At 40 she was on the cover of Playboy, and became an international icon playing cougar and uber-bitch Alexis Colby on top soap Dynasty. Since then she’s earned a crust writing bonk-busters and books explaining how to look as good as she does.

Elizabeth Taylor

Liz was a child-star brought up and schooled on the MGM lot. The studio controlled everything she did – they even chose her first two husbands for her. She shocked the world when she began a passionate and adulterous affair with Richard Burton that transformed her into one half of the world’s most famous couple. Her image and story has been at the heart of all the biggest changes in celebrity culture: the arrival of the jet set, the paparazzi, the first actress to earn $1million dollars, the first to launch a signature perfume and the first to campaign on behalf of AIDS. She was a pioneer and an icon.

The Queen

For six decades, the face of Queen Elizabeth II has been the most familiar symbol of United Kingdom, appearing on British currency and at all major national events. Whether clad in tweed or the crown jewels, she's instantly recognizable as one of the most iconic women in the world. By examining the way the Queen's royal image and wardrobe have changed over the course of her life, the documentary THE CHANGING FACE OF... THE QUEEN tells the story of the royal family - and Great Britain itself - in the modern era.

George Michael

George was a chubby teenager known as Georgios when he wrote Careless Whisper on the bus going to see his school chum Andrew Ridgeley. 5 years later he was the youngest ever recipient of the Ivor Novello Award. From the Wham! days in hot pants, to the leather-clad heartthrob on FAITH, George Michael has had an uneasy relationship with his image, struggling with his sexuality and latterly his dependence on drugs. From teen pop-star to Armani-suited crooner – this is the changing face of George Michael.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold’s is a classic rags-to-riches story, the American dream come true. Brought up in a poor family in Austria, he became a champion body-builder and Mr Universe. It gave him a ticket to America where he starred in a movie and married a Kennedy before conquering Hollywood. He has not only sculpted his body, he has created a series of new identities for himself: athlete, actor and then politician as Governor of California. They said he’d get nowhere with his name and his accent – but he has proved the critics wrong.

Liza Minnelli

She was born into Hollywood royalty – the daughter of Vincente Minnelli and Judy Garland, but life for Liza has not been easy. With a great talent of her own she struggled to emerge from her mother’s shadow. After success on Broadway and an Oscar for her show-stopping performance as Sally Bowles in Cabaret, Liza was recognized as a star in her own right. The hedonistic, partying days of New York’s Studio 54 left their mark, as did numerous disastrous relationships. Nonetheless Liza’s talent as a performer has always shone through. 

Barry Manilow

This shy, non-descript Brooklyn boy became the biggest selling recording artist of the 1970’s, with 10 number one singles in the Billboard charts. He’s weathered the storms of critical derision and confounded the reviewers by remaining one of the most popular singers of a generation. His millions of enthusiastic fans have remained loyal over the decades and his live shows still sell out around the world.


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