TeacherLine FAQ

  • How may TeacherLine credits be used in Clark County?
    TeacherLine credits are graduate-level and have been approved for use for Highly Qualified status, License Renewal and Salary Advancement.

  • How are these classes discounted?
    Through a grant, the TeacherLine seat fees are occasionally offset for currently employed, licensed individuals in the Clark County School District. However, the Graduate Credit Fee has to be paid by the student.

  • How long do the classes last?
    PBS TeacherLine classes normally run six weeks. A time commitment of five hours a week by the student is typical.

  • What is expected of me each week?
    Each week you are required to read through course content and view embedded video clips to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to complete your course Project. You are also required to complete all discussion questions and assignments. Discussion questions help you to process the information that you have read, and help you to integrate that information into the classroom. Consider these questions and post your answers and thoughts to the Discussion Board. All of the required activities will provide the steps necessary for Project completion. The Project is usually due during the last week of the course. All of this may be done from your home computer.

  • I am a retired teacher and/or teacher on leave of absence, do I qualify to take the TeacherLine classes?
    Yes, anyone may take Teacherline classes from PBS National at the regular current priciing.

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