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Vegas PBS and PBS have a reputation for providing the highest quality programs on television. Award winners such as The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Nova, Masterpiece Theatre, This Old House and American Experience are just some of the fine offerings on our air, each within its own targeted genre. Also, renowned children's programs such as Barney & Friends, Arthur and Sesame Street are enjoyed by children and their parents.

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Do Public Television Members Care About Corporate Underwriters?  You Bet They Do!

Public television members/viewers nationwide agreed with each statement below:

  • Companies that underwrite provide a public service (93%).

  • Companies that underwrite are industry leaders (82%).

  • Companies that underwrite are committed to quality and excellence (77%).

  • Companies that underwrite are noticed by viewers for being underwriters (74%). 

  • Companies that underwrite: viewers are inclined to purchase thosecompanies' products and services (51%).

Did You Know?

  • 72% could name one or more companies that underwrite public television programs.

The Resounding Conclusion

  • Corporate support of public television is a valuable investment that pays dividends in heightened awareness, improved image, and perception of quality and loyalty.All data from Statistical Research, Inc. (SRI)

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