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Get Ready for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse with Learn360!

Prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse with Learn360

It's been making headlines for weeks, and now it's almost here. This Monday, America will have the chance to view a total solar eclipse—when the moon will obscure the sun's surface, and the sun's outer atmosphere, the corona, will become visible. What a wonderful opportunity to present to your students the science behind this exciting phenomenon!

Learn360 is here to help. We've put together a custom playlist for you, for a limited time, to make it easy for you to explore solar eclipses in class and help your students understand this stunning event:

Video Playlist (includes the following video clips):

  • Solar Eclipse Clip (from Our Sun: Real World Science (REVISED)
  • Solar Eclipse (from The Secret Life of the Sun)
  • Looking at the Sun (from Drawing Lesson One: In Praise of Shadows—Art21 Presents William Kentridge)
  • Total Solar Eclipse (from Empire of the Sun)
  • Solar Eclipse (from Sun: Extreme Environments)
  • Solar Eclipse (from The Science of Light: Show Me Science: Chemistry & Physics Series)
  • Eclipses (from The Universe Video Clip Collection)


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