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Highlighting a Diverse Community



Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting the people who have broken the barriers to achieve change for their communities.


Explore a collection that provides your classroom with resources that give a voice to the diverse Latino community. This collection offers educator guides, lesson plans, and unique materials to engage students with the rich history of the Latino Experience. Discover the Collection



Recommended Resources



Latino Americans
Grades: 4-12


From southern Florida to the San Juan Islands of Washington state, from the pre-history of the nation through today's most contentious issues, Latino experiences illuminate our country’s history and the struggle to live up to its ideals. Explore More



Latino Americans Share Their Experience
Grades: 6-9


Students examine and discuss the challenges that three Latino Americans faced and overcame as they achieved success in their careers. Explore More



Spanish Me, English Me
Grades: PreK-1


Many students can speak two languages- making them bilingual! This educational resource will help cultivate students' positive self-image with a fun song about being proud to speak both English and Spanish.
Explore Now







Emperor Science Awards: Now Open for Applications!


Do you have a student interested in a career in science and cancer research? The Emperor Science Award program is a unique opportunity for 10th and 11th graders with a strong interest in science to work on a cancer research project with a mentoring scientist. 100 students across the U.S. will be selected. Students must APPLY by November 1. Apply Now



Current News: Hurricane Season


Our thoughts are with Texas and Florida during this time. We wanted to provide you with a resource you can use to help your teach your class the science behind how a hurricane forms. Discover Resource






Classroom Video On Demand is all about empowerment this month—showcasing how women won the right to vote, how Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech inspired unity in a divided nation, and why literacy is more important than ever in our digital age.


And check out the complete calendar (accessible via the menu in the header, top left)—a handy source for ideas throughout the year.


MLK Speaks to March on Washington, 8/28/63


Consider these titles for your classes:


Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech (Segment from Great Speeches, Volume 1 [Platinum Edition]) (Item #49139)


The March on Washington, 1963 (Item #48845)


Year by Year: 1963 (Item #43267)


U.S. Women Win the Vote: 19th Amendment Is Ratified, 8/18/20


Consider these titles for your classes:


The Oratory of Women’s Suffrage (Item #49201)


Generations: American Women Win the Vote (Item #55114)


Amendment 19: Women’s Right to Vote (Item #8108)


September Is National Literacy Month


Consider these titles for your classes:


Why Reading Matters: A Holistic Study for the Digital Age (Item #41293)


Reading Essentials (Item #40425)


Empire of the Word: A Reader’s Journey Series (Item #42291)










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