Teacher Video Streaming Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I find this overwhelming and need help?
    We are here to help you. Please contact Craig Cuddihy at (702) 799-1010 ext. 5359 or email Craig for assistance. 
  2. How does it work?
    Streaming media technology - video streaming - enables the real time, or on-demand distribution of audio, video and multimedia on the internet. Streaming media is the simultaneous transfer of digital media (video, voice and data) so that it is received as a continuous real-time stream. Streamed data is transmitted by a server application and received and displayed in real-time by client applications such as the Microsoft's Windows Media Player or the QuickTime Player. These applications can start displaying video or playing back audio as soon as enough data has been received and stored in the receiving station’s buffer. A streamed file is simultaneously downloaded and viewed, but leaves behind no physical file on the viewer's computer.
  3. What are the Video Streaming benefits?
    Vegas PBS Video Streaming service provides educators and students: * access to more than 2,000 full length and 20,000 clips of indexed main core-curriculum, standard-based video programs over the Internet.* the location of specific content by grade and subject in curriculum areas such as: - Life Science & Biology - Chemistry - Language Arts & Reading - Early Childhood - Earth & Space Science - Social Studies - Health & Prevention - Physical Science - Mathematics - General Science - samples of lesson plans - teacher guides, activities, and correlations for teachers' use. - annual school video streaming utilization reports. - home access for lesson planning while at home - access to the Image Library, a searchable database, of over 650 standards-based photographs in high-resolution.
  4. What are the advantages of using Video Streaming? 
    Video Streaming is available to 100 school school sites in Clark County that are connected to the WAN. - The dynamic content of Video Streaming catches students' attention, helping to keep them focused on the lesson at hand. - With Video Streaming, videos are always available from any internet-enabled computer. - Video Streaming content is always current and up-to-date. - With content accessible from anywhere, lessons are simple to plan from home.
  5. Why do I need a Wireless Scan Converter?
    A wireless scan converter or a traditional scan converter will allow for a user to display any computer image to a Television display. *Most computers do not have TV out capability. Check your computer's display information.
  6. Why do I need a Universal S-Video /AV / RF System Selector?
    The Universal System Selector allows for multiple connections to one TV. It also serves as a adaptor for older TV's that do not have rca connections.



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