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Scan Converter Tips

Installation Tips

The wireless scan converter transmits audio and video from your computer to your TV.

  • Operates on a 2.4Ghz AV Sender, a wireless phone on the same frequency will interrupt signal.

  • Signal distance ranges from 100 meters in the open and 30 meters indoors. May need to change frequencies.

  • Computer should be OFF before connecting the converter.

  • “Grand Ultimate Wireless” – does not provide an adaptor for Macintosh G4, eMac or iMac.

  • Power supply is 6V DC.

  • If experiencing distortion or interference it is recommended to change the,transmission channels. Only one switch should be DOWN on the receiver and transmitter.

  • If changing the transmission channel is not successful, make sure that power cables are not located directly next to the scan converters RCA cables. Placing the receiver in a different area on the cart may improve signal.

  • Macintosh computers may need to be adjusted to a different refresh rate. 60Hz is recommended.

  • Multiple TV’s - The Grand Ultimate wireless provides 1CVBS OUT, 1S-VHS OUT and 1 RGB out. You may connect one television to the next using a composite video cable or an S-Video between the “Video IN” and “Video OUT” ports. It is not recommended to use more than 5 televisions.


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