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Scan Converter Tips

Installation Tips

The wireless scan converter transmits audio and video from your computer to your TV.

  1. Operates on a 2.4Ghz AV Sender, a wireless phone on the same frequency will interrupt signal.
  2. Signal distance ranges from 100 meters in the open and 30 meters indoors. May need to change frequencies.
  3. Computer should be OFF before connecting the converter.
  4. “Grand Ultimate Wireless” – does not provide an adaptor for Macintosh G4, eMac or iMac.
  5. Power supply is 6V DC.
  6. If experiencing distortion or interference it is recommended to change the,transmission channels. Only one switch should be DOWN on the receiver and transmitter.
  7. If changing the transmission channel is not successful, make sure that power cables are not located directly next to the scan converters RCA cables. Placing the receiver in a different area on the cart may improve signal.
  8. Macintosh computers may need to be adjusted to a different refresh rate. 60Hz is recommended.
  9. Multiple TV’s - The Grand Ultimate wireless provides 1CVBS OUT, 1S-VHS OUT and 1 RGB out. You may connect one television to the next using a composite video cable or an S-Video between the “Video IN” and “Video OUT” ports. It is not recommended to use more than 5 televisions.


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