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H Cable

Use with Transmitter to piggypack into monitor port.

Note: On many Dell computers there will be another blue port, do not use this port, use the monitor port, or if there is a black and blue splitter cable, always use the blue.

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S- Video

Connects from "S Out" on transmitter to "S Video in" on a TV or VCR

Video Cable

Connects "Video out" on converter to "Video In" on TV/VCR


USB Power Cable
Connects USB port to "DC" in on converter

Stereo Audio Cable

Use this cable to connect the receiver to the TV or VCR for stereo sound or connect from computer headphone jack to TV

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PS/2 Type Power Cable 
Connects PS/2 port to "DC in" on converter


15 pin RGB to Y. Cb. Cr. Cable
This cable provides the highest quality video, for use with HD systems. Connects from "RGB/Y.Cb. CR. OUT" on converter to TV monitor.





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