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Grandtech Ultimate Wireless Scan Converter




Connected to computer


Connected to TV/VCR/Projector

H CableH Cable 

H Cable

Use with Transmitter to piggypack into monitor port.

Note: On many Dell computers there will be another blue port, do not use this port, use the monitor port, or if there is a black and blue splitter cable, always use the blue.

Audio Visual CableStereo Audio Cable 

Audio Visual Cable

Commonly used to connect Receiver to TV/VCR for both audio and video signal

Stereo Audio Cable

Use this cable to connect the receiver to the TV or VCR for stereo sound or connect from computer headphone jack to TV

Sound Bypass Cable Sound Bypass CableSound Bypass Cable

Sound Bypass Cable

Connects from "Audio In" on Transmitter to "Line out" or "Speaker out" on computer. Also can be used from Headphone jack on computer.

S- VideoS- Video 

S- Video

Connects from "S Out" on transmitter to "S Video in" on a TV or VCR

Remote Power Pack

For use when there is no outlet nearby. Takes 4 AA batteries.

 Channel Selection  

Channel Selection

Both the Transmitter and the Receiver must be on the same channel. In this example the channel is on "3".


Teacher Video Streaming

PBS Learning Media

Ready To Learn

ITV Guide

ITV Guide

Teacher's Guide to Instructional Television in the classroom