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Macintosh G3 Adaptor
Universal S-Video/AV/RF System Selector
Grandtech Ultimate Wireless Scan Converter
Grandtech Ultimate 2000 EX
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Macintosh G3 Adaptor


  • Connects any regular PC VGA video display to Apple Mac computers
  • Supports 12" RGB up to 21" multiple scan and 6 different signal modes
  • Provides 10 DIP switches for maximum video display compatibility
  • Slim design with thumbscrews and hex nuts for secure connections
  • Use with KVM switches or video splitters
  • DB15M/HD15F

Note: This adaptor connects a standard PC VGA monitor to any Apple Macintosh system.

Universal S-Video/AV/RF System Selector

This product allows for multiple connections to one TV. It also serves as a adaptor for older TV's that do not have RCA connections.

Manufacturer: Pelican Accessories


  • Allows you to quickly switch between 5 video systems (DVD, VCR, ETC.) connected to any TV
  • Nameplates are included for all your entertainment systems (VCR, CD, DVD, and Other)
  • Includes AV, S-Video, and RF cables
  • Includes AC adapter for using RF out
  • Packaging may be different from picture

Categories: Cables And Adapters
Weight: 32.2 oz


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