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The Worldview channel is available on 114 Cox Cable and 2183 HD DirecTV.

MHz Worldview is a national, independent, non-commercial TV channel presenting fresh, relevant English-language international content including news, documentaries, cultural programming, dramas, films & mysteries, music and sports. Known for its Programming for Globally-Minded People, MHz Worldview serves as a liaison in bringing programs and understanding from around the world to American audiences.

With a belief in promoting and illuminating world awareness, MHz Worldview proudly delivers a wide range of world dynamics, showing all the world has to offer, direct from the source, without political or commercial confines.

Complemented with original content on-air and online, MHz Worldview is a one-of-a-kind channel, available as a digital programming choice for US public TV stations and other content distributors.

MHz Worldview is available throughout the US in over 15-million households through affiliates via broadcast, cable and satellite. MHz Worldview is a channel of MHz Networks, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and division of Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation.


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