Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition Workshops teach about healthy choices in a real-world based way.

Topics include:

  • 15-minute video (MyPlate and You)

  • portion sizes

  • sugar and sugary drinks

  • visual aid food props

  • healthy alternatives

To schedule a workshop (at your location) or for more nformation, please contact:

Email: EMSinfo@VegasPBS.org  Phone: 702.799.1010, Option 5

Nutrition Tips

  • Be a fat finder - choose foods by reading labels and choosing the lower fat choice.*10

  • Try not to mix eating with other activities, especially watching TV- Often you wind up eating more without even being conscious of it.*10

  •  Moderation is always the best way to go when it comes to enjoying your favorite foods.*10

  • Encourage your child to "make faces" with their food by arranging cut-up fruits and vegetables (e.g., shredded carrots for hair and raisins for eyes) on open-faced peanut butter sandwiches, burritos or mini-pizzas. *5

  • Make smoothies and freezer pops by blending fruits such as bananas, berries or "lite" canned fruits with ice and low-fat yogurt. Because you're using whole fruit (not juice), you are providing a fiber boost for your child. *5

  • Make better choices when eating out. Even fast-food restaurants now offer healthy alternatives such as salads. Teach your kids to say "no" to super-sized portions. *5

  • Challenge family members to reach their daily fruits and vegetables goal. Reward the winner with a prize of his or her choice. *2​

  • Ask your child to help you pick foods that come in their own natural wrapper – like bananas and oranges! *5

  • Pack the refrigerator, freezer and cupboard with pre-cut, frozen and canned vegetables so that it is easier for you to prepare meals and snacks that include vegetables. *2

  • Kids are often hungry after school, before bed or following sports practice. Be sure to set out nutritious "grab foods" like cut-up veggies and fruit, baked tortilla chips with bean dip, or string cheese and whole-grain crackers. *7

  • Invite your child to plan the menu for one family meal. Encourage your child to go shopping with you to buy the foods. Then, let your child help prepare and serve the meal.*5

  • Serve vegetables higher in fiber such as cooked dry beans, broccoli, tomatoes, leafy greens, potatoes with skin, and carrots.*8


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