Fitness Workshops

Keeping Kids Fit Fitness Workshops

Fitness workshops include instruction on how to safely use:

  • jump ropes

  • resistance tubes

  • “Fit Deck” of exercise cards

  • “Eat This, Not That” book

  • sport flyer

To schedule a workshop (at your location) or for more nformation, please contact:

Email: EMSinfo@VegasPBS.org  Phone: 702.799.1010, Option 5

Fitness Tips

  • Be the sports parent who speaks up about the "treats" typically served after games and practice. Offer to put together a list of nutritious snack and beverage choices. *5

  • In addition to being fun for children, regular physical activity has many health benefits including increasing self-esteem. *3

  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs! Small steps like this can make a BIG difference in helping your body stay strong and healthy. *5

  • Take the President’s Challenge as a family. Track your individual physical activities together and earn awards for active lifestyles at www.presidentschallenge.org. *8

  • Set aside time each day as activity time—walk, jog, skate, cycle, or swim. Adults need at least 30 min. of physical activity most days of the week; children need 60 min. everyday or most days.*8​

  • Move it! Instead of sitting through TV commercials, get up and move. When you talk on the phone, lift weights or walk around. Remember to limit TV watching and computer time.*8

  • Give activity gifts. Give gifts that encourage physical activity - active games or sporting equipment.*8

  • Participate in a charitable event that features a physical activity. There are many walks/runs/rides for great causes.*6

  • Encourage Physical Activity! Go bowling or hit your local skating rink or pool during the “open or public” session.*6

  • Get Moving! Play a physical game such as “Twister,” or the limbo.*6

  • Success breeds success. Encourage children to set goals they can accomplish. A child who usually chooses only corn and apple juice might set a goal of trying one new fruit this week.*8

  • The brain controls all you do so take good care of your brain! Protect your brain and don’t forget to wear that helmet! Boost your brainpower by eating lots of healthy foods and getting a good night’s sleep. *5


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