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Healthful Cooking

Healthful food choices can be delicious and nutritious. Engaging children in meal preparation can be a smart and fun way to educate them on the value of eating right.

These websites feature healthful recipes for meals and snacks that the entire family can enjoy.


A Healthier You offers many easy-to-make, fun, and delicious recipes developed by researchers and nutritionists with the US Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health.


Find great meals and create your own cookbook. Lots of recipes that focus on increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables.


From appetizers to desserts, Stay Young at Heart website has many nutritious recipes for the busy family.


Easy recipes that are good for you, healthy recipes that taste great. The American Institute for Cancer Researchprovides helpful information on nutrition and heath.


From Savory Pear Salad to Roasted Corn Salsa, fruits and vegetables make every bite memorable. Fruits & Veggies More Matters also makes available an appetizing assortment of recipes from The Culinary Institute of America.  

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Youth Sports Activities

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