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Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served? 
Fun and games in the world’s most eccentric department store

A large, old-fashioned department store in London, Grace Bros is still run on strictly hierarchical lines. Each member of staff knows their place – in theory. In practice, they are all engaged in their own private wars, with management and with each other.

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Are You Being Served? Series 6

Are You Being Served?

Episode 1 – By Appointment​
Classic sitcom set in a department store. Grace Brothers anticipates a royal visit.

Episode 2 – The Club
Young Mr Grace generously donates a room for his employees to use as a social club.

Episode 3 – Do You Take This Man?
Mrs Slocombe has become engaged to Mr Metaxis, a Greek man, but his wife may have an issue with that. The staff work together to save Mrs Slocombe's wedding day.

Episode 4 – Shedding the Load
Sales figures are down and profits are down. Young Mr Grace orders Mr Rumbold to make staff cutbacks.

Episode 5 – A Bliss Girl
Mr Humphries stands in behind the perfume counter.

Episode 6 – Happy Returns
It is young Mr Grace's birthday and he's in for a surprise courtesy of the Gentlemen's and Ladies' departments.

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