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Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served? 
Fun and games in the world’s most eccentric department store

A large, old-fashioned department store in London,Grace Bros is still run on strictly hierarchical lines.Each member of staff knows their place – in theory. In practice, they are all engaged in their own private wars , with management and with each other.

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Are You Being Served? Series 3

Episode 1 – The Hand of Fate
Mr Humphries' palm reading skills are put to the test when Mr Rumbold's position becomes available and Captain Peacock, Mrs Slocomb and Mr Grainger compete over his position. Believing he can foretell their futures in their hands, Mr Humphries makes surprising predictions on behalf of each member of the staff.

Episode 2 – Coffee Morning
Captain Peacock complains when he notices the staff are taking leisurely coffee breaks. After his complaint is reported, management orders for a timekeeping book in which the staff will 'clock in and clock out' whenever they go to coffee, lunch or the washroom. With heavy protest, the staff organise a union and refuse to acquiesce to managements orders until their demands are met.

Episode 3 – Up Captain Peacock
After 20 years of service at Grace Brothers, Captain Peacock is congratulated with a honorary medal. He has also been granted the key to the executive washroom and a seat in the executive dining room. The floor staff are quite displeased about this and feel that their segregated workplaces are entirely unfair. But what can they do about it?

Episode 4 – Cold Store
Mr Lucas has a girl coming to visit him, so he tries to pretend he has a cold to get the day off work. Captain Peacock gets Sister to check his temperature, which says he is perfectly normal. However, Mrs Slocombe does have a cold but refuses to go home. Miss Brahms, who has an injection to prevent her getting a cold, refuses to work with her. Captain Peacock then decides that the solution is that Mr Lucas work with Mrs Slocombe for the day - but he still tries to get sent home sick by falling down the stairs aided by Mr Mash.

Episode 5 – German Week
The ladies and gents are selling German goods for the next week. But neither the staff nor the customers are warming up to the lederhosen. In order to boost the German spirit, the floor gets out some German wine and dresses up for a folk dance. The question is, will Mr Grace approve?

Episode 6 – Wedding Bells
When Mrs Slocombe refuses to sell several lines of knickers with dirty slogans, she gets into trouble. However, everyone forgets it when Young Mr Grace hints at marrying Mrs Slocombe.

Episode 7 – New Look
Grace Brothers is having a 'suggestion box night'. The staff are invited to bring along their ideas after work and put them to the management. Ultimately the management decides on a suggestion for a new look for the floor - one straight from the 1920s.

Episode 8 – Shoulder to Shoulder
The staff are informed that the decorators are being called in. The downside is that only one department can be redecorated. Which will it be - and who will be working in the unlucky department?

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