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Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served? 
Fun and games in the world’s most eccentric department store

A large, old-fashioned department store in London, Grace Bros is still run on strictly hierarchical lines. Each member of staff knows their place – in theory. In practice, they are all engaged in their own private wars, with management and with each other.

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Are You Being Served? Series 5

Are You Being Served?

Episode 1 – Mrs. Slocombe
It is freezing and London has snow blizzards. The staff are called in early for an important meeting. Young Mr. Grace decides to sell goods using psychology.

Episode 2 – A Change is as Good as a Rest
Changes to staffing arrangements at Grace Brothers lead to fun and games.

Episode 3 – Founder’s Day
Young Mr. Grace is turning 80 and Mr. Rumbold asks the staff to come up with ideas for celebrating it. They steal his memoirs and perform a This Is Your Life-style surprise called This Is Your Department.

Episode 4 – The Old Order Changes
Young Mr. Grace brings back some unusual ideas from his trip to the U.S., creating a more informal staff policy. Getting rid of uniforms and staff titles is just the beginning!

Episode 5 – Take-Over
The ladies' and menswear departments are roped in to help defeat a takeover bid.

Episode 6 – Goodbye Mr. Grainger
Mr. Grainger is very bad tempered. He loses customers one after another and never completes a sale. Is it time for Mr. Grainger to go or will they let him stay, now that he's won the pools?

Episode 7 – It Pays to Advertise​
Mrs. Slocombe and Mr. Humphries are to have their faces used to advertise Grace Brothers display garments. In addition, young Mr. Grace wants to produce a store-made advertisement to show in cinemas.


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