Mission US

Mission US

Mission US: Flight to Freedom is a FREE on-line roleplaying adventure simulation from public television that helps players understand the social, political and economical conflicts that led to the Civil War. Take young learners on a virtual adventure into American history with Mission US: Flight to Freedom, a "Revolutionary" multimedia project.

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Selected as an Editor’s Choice by Children’s Technology Review 



Get students to care about history by reaching them where they live “Online” through a series of FREE role-playing games set in different eras.



Teens and Tweens: Mission US uses the conventions and design style of commercial interactive popular with students in grades 4-9. Students assume the identity of a young person living in the past and must decide their avatar’s fate in response to dramatic events. The project website also offers fun mini-games and the opportunity to submit user-generated videos.

Teachers: The missions are National and Common-Core standards based and focused on events and developments included in most U.S. History textbooks. The site includes a vast suite of free classroom support materials including lesson plans, document-based questions, primary source documents, vocabulary activities, background on historical figures and writing prompts.



The most recent National Assessment of Education Progress showed that only 17% of eighth graders perform at or above the proficient level in American history. The story for underserved students is even worse. Mission US aims to stem the tide, getting kids to care about histoy by seeing it through the eyes of peers from the past.



  • To help students learn how Americans struggled to realize the ideals of liberty and equality

  • Understand the role of ordinary men and women, including young people, in history

  • Develop historical empathy

  • Build understanding and critical perception to think like a historian

  • Correlates with National & Common Core Standards



Mission 2: “Flight to Freedom” helps players understand the social, political and economic conflicts that led to the Civil War. Students will take on the role of “Lucy”, a 14-year-old slave on a Kentucky plantation. Lucy, accused of starting a fire, runs away. Lucy joins the abolitionist movement and tries to free her still-enslaved family members. However, in 1850, the Fugitive Slave Act drastically changed a lot of things as far as safety of African Americans in the North. Students will have to make decisions that may lead Lucy to freedom. The decisions that students make have a cause and effect that impacts the unfolding of historical events.


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