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How to Upload Video to ClassroomCast

Video Upload Instructions

Icon Download instructions. (627.2 KB)

Login from your Landing Page. See email sent with login information.


Select the ClassroomCast Icon:




To Upload a Video - Select Upload Asset


Upload Options

The first screen is fairly basic, a Title and Description are required. In the description you can insert a live link and/or a link to a video quiz.




Important: Select a Channel or Create a Channel.
The “CC File” option will most likely not be utilized. You can personalize your video by adding a “Thumbnail File” and/or “Embedded Image File”.



The bookmark tool can turn a linear video into a video that has options to quickly access content and/or label sections of the video. This would be used for a longer instructional video.




At this section you can choose to make your video public or private.

Public = anyone can see.

Private = only Site Admin (SA) level or the person posting can see.

Asset Download = Video can be downloaded to end user's computer.



Selecting "Quiz" allows you to create questions anywhere along the timeline of the video. Take note of your options.
I would embed questions like name and email versus using the “Sign-In From” feature.


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