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Acceptable Use Policy

Computer network resources, provided by the Clark County School District in partnership with the Clark County Public Education Foundation, enable communication with electronic communities around the world. These computer network resources include InterAct (TM), Internet, e-mail, mainframe, and all other Internet service providers such as America Online and CompuServe, when used in an educational setting.

The use of these electronic resources shall be consistent with the purpose, mission, and goals of the Clark County School District and used for professional or educational purposes. The purpose in providing these services is to facilitate access to information and resources, promote educational excellence, and enhance communication between schools and the community.

The Internet is a network connecting thousands of computers throughout the world. The Internet can bring a wealth of educational material to the classroom, but may also contain material that is objectionable. The Clark County School District filters web sites believed to be inappropriate for students. However, no filtering system is perfect. The District cannot and does not represent that inappropriate or objectionable material can be completely filtered. Parent(s) and guardian(s) must consider this in deciding whether to permit their children access to the District's computer network resources.

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is provided so that staff, students, and members of the community using the District's computer network resources are aware of their responsibilities. The use of these network resources is a privilege, not a right.

Questions or Comments:

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