Turn Your Stock market Gains Into Community Change

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It’s that time again! As the year winds down, many supporters are considering what to give and how to give before December 31st. Gifts of cash are always popular and deeply appreciated. Yet, have you considered a gift of appreciated stock? Donating appreciated stock to Vegas PBS can prove to be good for you and even better for our community.

For starters, a gift of appreciated stock can generate attractive tax savings. By donating appreciated stock that you’ve owned for more than one year, you become eligible to claim an immediate charitable deduction for what the stock is worth today as opposed to what you paid for it many years ago. This deduction could help reduce your taxable income and ultimately your tax.

If you decide instead to sell this same stock, you would be taxed on the gain, even if you ultimately decide to donate the proceeds. Giving stock directly to Vegas PBS can help keep your long-term gains in the community rather than on your tax return.

Last but definitely not least, a stock donation is a convenient way to increase your support of public television. We know that many donors to this station would like to give more to support our mission but are concerned about their cash flow. By donating appreciated stock, you would be able hold on to your cash and perhaps make a bigger impact than you otherwise thought possible.

So, get a jump-start on your year-end giving by contacting your broker today! You can also contact Kelly McCarthy at (702) 799-1010 ext. 5319 or kmccarthy@vegaspbs.org.



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