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Our Director of Content Cyndy Robbins has a column on page 22 that outlines the great programs PBS will offer beginning this fall. Your member donations make them possible, whether you watch them when we schedule them on Vegas PBS, Create or other channels, or access them in other ways. Since the 2015-2016 TV season began last fall, our Vegas PBS audience has grown 39 percent from the prior year, and among the 50 largest cities in the US, now ranks FIRST in whole-day audience expressed in cumulative hourly rating points. Thank you for your voracious viewing!

This month features new episodes of programs like The Great British Baking Show our locally-produced Outdoor Nevada; the annual Independence Day Capitol Fourth concert from the national mall; gavel-to-gavel PBS NewsHour coverage of political conventions; and the physics of birds and animals defying gravity in SuperNature – Wild Flyers. For viewers who become members, what matters is what you see on your screens.

And “screens” is the new operative word. As Vegas PBS seeks to serve Southern Nevada viewers, we are seeing changes in how viewers “watch TV.” For example, 37 percent of the audience for Masterpiece’s Mr. Selfridge in May and 19 percent for FRONTLINE came from those of you who recorded it on a home digital video recorder (DVR); streamed it from video.; or selected it at a more convenient time using a Roku 3, Apple TV or Chromecast device. Today a “TV screen” can be a wide-screen HD TV set, computer, tablet or a mobile phone. None of these options existed 15 years ago when the digital TV revolution began.

“Time-shifted viewing” is markedly more prevalent among the young. In April, our local site had an astounding 1,466,000 views representing almost 400 million hours of program viewing and educational game interactions.This statistic probably understates the volume of non-TV viewing by children since viewing on mobile phones is not currently reported. While the children’s daytime TV audience on Channel 10 was nine times larger than the online audience, online viewing is significant and rising every year.

For these reasons, PBS and Vegas PBS continue to innovate with new technologies, new viewing formats and new services. This month we are pleased to announce a new member benefit called Vegas PBS Passport. Eligible donors will receive access to an extensive library of PBS programs, including more than 1,000 episodes from popular shows like American Experience, American Masters, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, NOVA and Masterpiece – including all six seasons of Downton Abbey and much more. We believe Vegas PBS Passport is a great way to thank members whose donations allow us to purchase and broadast the programs that make PBS TV worth watching. Visit for more details on how to enroll.

General Manager
Tom Axtell



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