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Tom Axtell
Tom Axtell, General Manager

TV critics call Wednesday night on Vegas PBS “The Smartest Night on Television.” Each week, shows like NOVA and Nature demystify science and technology, reveal the natural and living wonders of our planet, present the latest scientific discoveries, and provide the answers that curious minds crave.

This month, NOVA presents Making North America, a series that explores the creative and destructive tectonic forces that shape landmarks like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park, and ponders how the continent has shaped our culture and
values. Then, Inside Einstein’s Mind and Einstein’s Big Idea retrace Einstein’s thought experiments and reveal his simple and powerful ideas that reframed our understanding of physics and the universe.

Nature: Earth’s Natural Wonders will explore extreme locales across six continents to uncover unique stories about the challenges faced by their inhabitants, and we’ll get a glimpse of the flirty and romantic side of nature with Love in the Animal Kingdom.

Furthering your investment in educational programming, both Nature and NOVA edit these programs to create short video clips linked to lesson plans for classroom use. Vegas PBS distributes this repurposed content to local classrooms online. More than 18 million times last school year, children viewed Vegas PBS educational video clips as part of their teacher’s lesson.

When not in school, kids can enjoy the series premiere of Nature Cat. Children will follow Fred, a house cat who transforms into Nature Cat and embarks on action-packed adventures designed to inspire kids to go outside and play.

This new series is part of the PBS KIDS “whole child” approach to education. PBS children’s programs address foundational skills in literacy, music and language, social emotional development, nature, science,math and engineering.This effort also seeks to “surround the child” with reinforcing educational content on TV, plus online videos and games, books, mobile applications, and in-person activities.

This summer, we piloted a summer camp program featuring the popular math and science show, Odd Squad. During the camp, students ages 5-8 become Odd Squad agents and use math and science to solve mysteries from the broadcast. Participants also receive reinforcing interactive activities to continue their education at home with a parent, and to earn an achievement badge upon conclusion of the camp.

Our community’s curiosity about science and nature often makes Vegas PBS the most watched PBS station in the nation on Wednesday nights, and members write to tell us that science programs inspire them to renew their membership or make an additional gift. Planners seeking a more diversified economy stress the need for more children interested in science, math and engineering.Whether it is prime time or daytime, in school or after school, the Vegas PBS science programs your membership makes possible inspire and excite both children and adults. We thank you for your support of shows that feed your curiosity and inspire you to explore the world around us.

General Manager
Tom Axtell



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