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Las Vegas is an improbable city in the harsh Mojave Desert. Many of our new residents are unaware of the desert’s beauty and biological diversity, so when it is hot or cold,they often stay home in the air conditioned cocoon of their residence. But Nevada is not only a desert; we have snowcapped mountains, alpine meadows, limestone caves, extinct fossil beds, ghost towns, lakes, and even geysers. Fortunately we do not have to travel very far to experience them all.

Members tell us they donate to Vegas PBS because we present programs that educate, present the arts, and transport viewers to places they never knew existed.That is why we are so pleased to bring together program sponsors, recreational experts and talented producers to present Outdoor Nevada on Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm. It will join the regular lineup of outstanding science and nature programs detailed on pages 10 and 11 of this Vegas PBS Source.

Our splendid resorts, restaurants and showrooms are a well-known “indoor Nevada” story. However, Nevada has a great outdoor story to tell, and Nevadans benefit by knowing all that our state has to offer. Outdoor Nevada will make a major contribution to creating a sense of place – which is one of our three strategic local programming and production goals.

Whether the program’s impact is measured by increased tourism, or children’s education, or wildlife conservation, or donations to historic preservation, Outdoor Nevada will present the untold magnificence of our land; our plants, animals, reptiles and fish; our native peoples and settlers; and our historic mining, railroad, and other human& infrastructure.

Telling this story takes time and extra ordinary effort. The Vegas PBS production team has circumnavigated the state twice and is gearing up for their third round.The 32 people who have worked on this project have already travelled more than 7,000 miles and met hundreds of amazing Nevadans who enjoy the outdoors.We have 660 hours of recorded video “in the can” and will have spent more than 1,200 hours in our edit suites when all 26 episodes are complete.

A show of this scale is only made possible with the generous support of our members, along with our corporate partners. Land Rover Las Vegas and Jaguar Land Rover Reno have supported the series from the beginning with the loan of a vehicle and a large financial sponsorship.Travel Nevada, our state’s tourism agency, is also a major program sponsor.

The initial seed money for this program came from a $250,000 grant from the Southern Nevada Public Television board. Later this month the board will host its 27th Annual Splendor in the Glass wine and beer tasting event. This signature event helps raise the critical funds needed to support and produce the quality local programming our members enjoy and count on from Vegas PBS.We hope you’ll join us for this event on February 20 at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. More details are available on the back cover of this guide.

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