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Tom Axtell
Tom Axtell, General Manager

We were delighted with the response to our Winter Membership Campaign and are grateful for all the generous viewer donations throughout 2013. Because of your support, Vegas PBS welcomes the new year with an abundance of new titles. From the much-anticipated return of Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey, to the new season of Antiques Roadshow, to local specials that showcase academic all-stars like Varsity Quiz, these programs are the direct result of your investment in Vegas PBS.

Fans of Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey will also enjoy an all-access pass to the lives of British aristocrats with programs like Secrets of Highclere Castle, Secrets of the Tower of London and Diamond Queen. Our American history is also showcased with new documentaries from American Experience that look back at “The Last Innocent Year” in 1964, take a rare insider’s look at The Amish, and examine the scientific knowledge that led to modern forensics in The Poisoner’s Handbook. Your donations also bring back Exploration Wednesdays, featuring Hawking, an intimate portrait of the remarkable life of Steven Hawking, real-life adventure series Chasing Shackleton, and a timely NOVA special, Monster Typhoon, examining the “perfect storm” that was Typhoon Haiyan.

Vegas PBS will also present Surviving Sin City and Trafficked No More – disturbing and powerful local documentaries about human trafficking in Las Vegas. Donors are sometimes surprised that the same public service television station that brings them the delights of Downton Abbey and the effective teaching of Sesame Street can also present the unpleasant facts of sex trafficking.

We offer these programs in support of requests from groups like the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force, Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) and faith-based organizations, and because we trust the sophistication of our members. We know you actively engage in community improvement and seek facts that allow you to make informed decisions. The facts about this issue may be surprising. According to a 2012 study, 61% of human trafficking victims were children from the state of Nevada. In addition, LVMPD has recovered more than 2,200 minors over the past decade believed to be victims of human trafficking.

Members of our Women’s Engagement Council funded these broadcasts and the production of a follow-up panel with Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, members of the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force, survivors and victim services providers. We are also working with the school district to create awareness videos and educational content to help protect our children.

Thank you for your support this past year and for your continued support in 2014. We are excited about the new programs your investment has allowed us to acquire and produce. Thank you for helping fund the unique, inspiring, engaging and thought-provoking programming you can only find on public television.



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