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Vegas PBS is a nonprofit, educational television service. We operate a special TV service created to insure “a nonprofit island” in the TV/cable universe. PBS stations provide educational, informational and cultural programs freed from marketplace demands for programs that produce large 18-49 year old audiences. When you watch Vegas PBS, you see programs that expand your intellectual and creative horizons regarding science, nature,
history, drama, performing arts and children’s education.

Viewer support to sustain this broadcast concept is absolutely vital. Membership campaigns provide an opportunity for viewers to embrace the enriching programs that inspire them all year long. Vegas PBS partners kindly provide special ticket offers for local performances by many of the outstanding artists or authors you see on the screen. It is an odd, uniquely American way to fund educational TV content, but the support of donor members allows Vegas PBS to offer programs that satisfy your curiosity, rather than satisfying the marketing needs of an advertiser.

For example, in this month’sGreat Performances: Andrea Bocelli - Cinema, Bocelli performs memorable favorites from blockbuster movie classics. Celtic Thunder Legacy showcases the group’s crisp vocal harmonies with music combining the genres of folk, traditional Irish, adult contemporary, rock and classical. Great Performances: Bryan Adams in Concert captures the singer-songwriter’s performance during his current world tour, including favorites from his new album. Finally, Brit Pink Floyd: Space & Time: Live in Amsterdam celebrates 50 Years of Pink Floyd in truly spectacular fashion.Vegas PBS will have tickets for donors when all four appear in Las Vegas later this year!

Also this month,Vegas PBS will explore the seventh natural wonder of the world with an aerial journey in Wings Over Grand Canyon. This new, high-definition adventure spans three states and 1,500 miles across national parks, scenic vistas and hidden canyons.We will offer a unique opportunity to travel to Grand Canyon West and Sedona to experience this beautiful landscape in person with fellow members of Vegas PBS.

This year, 12,000 viewers will donate to support the programming they love on Vegas PBS, and 14 percent of those members will make their gifts as Sustainer Members. This means they have elected to donate a set amount each month with automatic renewals.They truly sustain our ability to acquire, produce and broadcast educational programs without daily advertiser interruptions.

Other members support nonprofit programming by donating gifts of stock, real estate holdings, collectibles, artwork, bonds, life insurance policies, retirement plans, or other assets to Vegas PBS. And still others donate cars, boats, ATVs or other vehicle to help offset the cost of programming.

Thank you for making whatever type of donation is best for you during the March membership campaign. We hope you can enjoy one of our special concert events or unique trips.Your support makes the arts accessible to everyone in our community and helps create the next generation of artists and audience.

General Manager
Tom Axtell



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